Jun Ji Hyun Best Movies & Dramas To Watch

A romantic comedy that became a cultural phenomenon and marked Jun Ji Hyun's breakthrough.

My Sassy Girl

A star-studded heist film showcasing Jun Ji Hyun's action and charisma.

The Thieves

A historical action film where Jun Ji Hyun plays a skilled sniper in a mission against Japanese forces.


A romance drama where Jun Ji Hyun plays an actress who falls in love with an alien with timeless beauty.

My Love from the Star

A romantic melodrama about a terminally ill woman who falls in love with a young delivery man.

Il Mare

Jun Ji Hyun plays Saya, a centuries-old vampire who is tasked with hunting down other vampires.

Blood: The Last Vampire

A fantasy romance  where Jun Ji Hyun portrays a mermaid navigating love in modern times.

The Legend of the Blue Sea

A historical period drama about a mysterious plague that is spreading throughout Korea.


Jun Ji Hyun plays a seasoned ranger who is determined to solve a series of mysterious deaths.


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