Best Historical K- Dramas To Binge Watch

Set in the Joseon dynasty, this historical drama revolves around a love story between a crown prince and a noblewoman

Moon Embracing the Sun

Based on the true story of Empress Ki, this epic historical drama follows a Goryeo-born woman who rises to power in the Yuan Dynasty.

Empress Ki

Inspired by the true story of Jang-geum, the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty, this drama chronicles her hardships and accomplishments.

Jewel in the Palace

Set during the Silla Dynasty, this coming-of-age drama centers around an elite group of young men known as Hwarang, who are trained in martial arts and the arts


Taking place in the late 19th century, this drama follows a Korean-born U.S. marine officer who returns to his homeland during the time of the U.S. expedition to Korea

Mr. Sunshine

This time-traveling romance unfolds as a modern-day woman is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty.

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Set in the late Goryeo period, this epic historical drama chronicles the early years of the founding of the Joseon Dynasty.

Six Flying Dragons

Based on the life of Queen Seondeok, the first female ruler of the Silla Kingdom, this drama showcases her rise to power in a male-dominated society.

Queen Seondeok

This historical thriller tells the story of a clown who is forced to impersonate a king during a tumultuous period in the Joseon Dynasty.

The Crowned Clown

Set in a mythical land called Arth, this fantasy-historical drama follows the power struggles, love stories, and conflicts between different tribes.

Arthdal Chronicles

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