Lee Jong Suk Best K-dramas To Binge Watch 

Lee Jong Suk plays a webtoon character who crosses into the real world and falls in love with a surgeon

W - Two Worlds

Lee Jong Suk stars as a reporter who struggles with the condition of involuntarily hiccupping when he lies.


Lee Jong Suk portrays a prosecutor who has premonitions of the future through his dreams

While You Were Sleeping

 In this legal drama, Lee Jong Suk plays a high school student with the ability to read people's thoughts.

I Hear Your Voice

Lee Jong Suk stars as a North Korean doctor who escapes to South Korea and becomes involved in a web of medical and political intrigue.

Doctor Stranger

This drama features Lee Jong Suk as a successful author who reunites with his childhood friend

Romance is a Bonus Book

Lee Jong Suk appears in this installment as a high school student dealing with various challenges and friendships.

School 2013

Lee Jong Suk makes a cameo appearance in this classic drama as a young musician

Secret Garden

Bae Suzy’s Top 9 Korean Dramas