Lewis Hamilton Inspirational Quotes On Success

Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver in Formula One for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team.

A three-time Formula One World Champion, he is often considered the best driver of his generation and widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers in the sport's history. Here are the best inspirational quotes by him. 

Lewis Hamilton Quotes

“I don’t aspire to be like other drivers, I aspire to be unique in my own way.”

“I feel like people are expecting me to fail, therefore, I expect myself to win.”

“You just need to be accepted for who you are and be proud of who you are and that is what I’m trying to do.”

“My saying is; We win and lose together. I think that really does apply to both my fans, family and the team.”

“I want to be the best at everything I do, not just driving, everything.”

“Formula One was a very dangerous sport. It still is dangerous. But the danger factor is also the exciting part.”

“What people tend to forget is the journey that I had getting to Formula One. There were plenty of years where I had to learn about losing and having bad races.”

“Winning is definitely the ultimate goal, the lessons learned when I don’t win only strengthen me.”

“To be racing in Formula One with McLaren has been the ultimate goal for me. It’s a dream come true.”

“I was born to race and to win.” - Lewis Hamilton

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