Park Shin Hye K-Dramas You Need to Binge Watch

A romantic comedy where Park Shin-hye plays the role of Shin Chae-gyeong, a college student who enters the palace as a royal consort.

Prince Hours

Park Shin-hye stars as Go Mi-nam, a girl who pretends to be her twin brother to join a popular boy band in this musical romantic comedy.

You're Beautiful

A sweet romance drama set in a music university, featuring Park Shin-hye as Lee Gyu-won, a traditional music student.


Park Shin-hye plays Choi In-ha, a young woman with Pinocchio syndrome, who hiccups whenever she tells a lie.


A high school romance drama where Park Shin Hye plays Cha Eun-sang, the daughter of the housekeeper of a wealthy family.

The Heirs

A teen drama about a group of wealthy high school students who fall in love with a girl from a poor family.

The Heirs

Park Shin-hye takes on the role of Yoo Hye-jung, a rebellious high school student who becomes a doctor.


Park Shin-hye takes on the role of Jung Hee-joo, a hostel owner in Spain, who got trapped in the AR reality game.

Memories of the Alhambra

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