Taylor Swift Love Song for Each Zodiac Sign

When Aries falls in love, it's an all-or-nothing thing, and this is the perfect song to show that you'll do whatever it takes to win.

Aries: "End Game"

Taurus is the secret romantic of the zodiac, and this heart-stopping power ballad is your perfect love anthem.

Taurus: "King Of My Heart"

Gemini sees romance as a fun and flirtatious adventure, and this song is about meeting someone special when you least expect it.

Gemini: "Enchanted"

Cancer is the hopeless lover of the zodiac. You can go above and beyond in love; all you really want in return is someone to call your own.

Cancer: "You Belong With Me"

A Leo in love is anything but subtle and we think "Paris" is the best love song for you to jam out to.

Leo: "Paris"

Virgos are independent and self-assured by nature and this song is about finding comfort and safety with someone.

Virgo: "Sweet Nothing"

When Libra falls in love, it's a whirlwind romantic affair, and we think it's the perfect song to play on repeat.

Libra: "Love Story"

Scorpios have a reputation for being intense in love, so you need a lover who makes you feel comfortable with them, even in silence.

Scorpio: "You Are in Love"

Sagittarius is the reckless romantic of the zodiac, and this song is tailor-made for you. When you meet 'the one,' get ready for a shock to your system.

Sagittarius: "Electric Touch"

Capricorns may not seem romantic, but this song perfectly captures the essence of finding a relationship where someone loves you for who you are.

Capricorn: "Delicate"

Aquarius is the argumentative dream girl of the zodiac. But when you meet the lover of your dreams, you become a hopeless romantic.

Aquarius: "I Can See You"

Pisces are one of the most open-hearted. When you fall for someone, it's almost like you can read their mind and feel what they feel.

Pisces: "willow"

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