The Best Romantic K-Dramas on Netflix

This romantic drama follows the story of two high school students who unexpectedly reunite years later.

Twenty Five Twenty One (2022)

Set in a seaside town, this drama revolves around a love triangle involving a webtoon artist, a former judo athlete, and a talented swimmer.

Summer Strike (2022)

This unique romance centers around a children's book author with an antisocial personality disorder and a psychiatric ward caregiver.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay (2020)

In this immensely popular drama, a South Korean heiress accidentally paraglides into North Korea and falls in love with a military officer.

Crash Landing On You (2019-2020)

This series takes place in a world where a mobile app notifies individuals if someone within a certain radius has romantic feelings for them.

Love Alarm (2019-2021)

A romantic comedy-drama about a woman who enlists the help of a math teacher to help her daughter prepare for the college entrance exams.

Crash Course In Romance (2023)

This modern retelling of the classic fairy tale follows a hardworking young woman who ends up living in a mansion with three cousins

Cinderella and The Four Knights (2016)

A classic K-drama tells the story of a poor student who enters a prestigious school and catches the attention of a group of rich and popular boys.

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

This drama follows the journey of a talented copywriter who lies about her educational background to secure a job in a publishing company.

Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019)

Based on a webtoon, this drama revolves around the complex relationship between a woman who doesn't believe in love and a man who is popular but cautious about relationships.

Nevertheless (2021)

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