Vastu Tips To Bring Peace And Harmony To Home

“A well-structured living space brings harmony and positivity in life.”

“The direction of your entrance influences the energy flow in your home.”

“Incorporate natural elements like plants and sunlight to enhance positive energy.”

“Keep the northeast corner of your home clutter-free for financial prosperity.”

“The kitchen should be placed in the southeast direction for good health and abundance.”

“Avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom as they can disrupt energy balance.”

“A clean and organized workspace boosts productivity and efficiency.”

“Avoid sharp corners in furniture to prevent negative energy accumulation.”

“Using bright and energizing colors in the home promotes positivity.”

“Avoid placing a bathroom adjacent to the kitchen as it disrupts energy flow.”

“Ensure that your bed is placed with the head towards the east for a restful sleep.”

“Water elements like fountains or aquariums attract positive energy.”

“Placing a Ganesha idol near the entrance brings good luck and removes obstacles.”

“Avoid keeping dead plants or dried flowers in the house as they represent stagnant energy.”

“Placing a mirror reflecting the dining table symbolizes wealth and abundance.”

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