That Are Sworn Enemies

1.  Aquarius and Cancer

Both of them have a very contrasting nature. Cancerians are rebellions, whereas Aquarius has a very traditional outlook towards life.

2.  Aries and Leo

As the name suggests, Leo is one such zodiac sign that tends to think of itself as the king of the zodiac signs. Well, on the other hand, Aries also represents a powerful sign.

3. Pisces and Aquarius

Aquarius is an aggressive zodiac sign. They find happiness in seeing Pisces being emotionally unstable. Aquarius finds a short-lived success when Pisces can’t handle situations.

4. Scorpio and  Sagittarius

Both Scorpio and Sagittarius have sworn enemies because both of them are jealous of each other.

5.  Virgo and Libra

It is effortless for Libras to get along with other zodiac signs, but they lack a sense of belonging when it comes to Virgo. It becomes pretty difficult for both of them to bond.

6.  Gemini and Pisces.  

Gemini is a careless zodiac sign, and Pisces has a tendency to be extremely sensitive. There is likely to be a problem of miscommunication and trust issues.