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Clean Water Anywhere: Portable Water Filters for Travel

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People rarely stop to think about the water they use or where it comes from. They turn on a faucet or flush the toilet and expect it to work. However, when it comes to drinking water, people must take a long hard look at what they are putting into their bodies. They cannot simply assume it is free from contaminants that could do them harm.

Filtered water is the better option, as the quality of water can change quickly. Water filtration devices, such as the Berkey Water Filter, ensure the user has access to clean water regardless of where they go. In addition, the water tastes better and provides the hydration humans need. Without clean water, a person may drink beverages that could be harmful to their health.

How is Water Purified?

Water is purified by straining it. This process removes any contaminants, such as chemicals and bacteria, that could do the user harm. Public water systems currently filter the water they provide to consumers, but this doesn’t always mean the water is safe to drink.

Many factors could play in role in the cleanliness of the water. This includes the source of the treated water, the treatment method used, and the water pipe quality. Countless individuals today receive their water through lead pipes, and this could do their health harm. Over time, the lead leaches into the water. A water filtration system removes this lead and other contaminants.

The Benefits of a Portable Water Filter

Portable water filters do much more than filter water. They offer several benefits people should be aware of when deciding if they need one of these devices.

Impurities are Removed

A portable water filter removes many impurities other than lead. It will also eliminate heavy metals such as arsenic and disinfection byproducts. However, when doing so, it leaves behind those minerals that are important to human life. This includes calcium, zinc, and magnesium. Filtering the water ensures a person doesn’t take in toxins but still receives the healthy minerals they need.

Inexpensive Water Filtration

Whole-house water filtration devices can be very costly. This leads many people to purchase bottled water to ensure they have access to clean water at all times. These devices come with a low price tag and can be used repeatedly. A person will find they can pay for the device in little time with the money they save not purchasing bottled water. The only cost associated with a portable water filter is replacement filters.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Water bottle production uses natural resources. The making of one plastic water bottle uses three times the amount of water that is found in the bottle. Filtering tap water with the help of a portable water filter helps save the environment. Furthermore, the filter removes impurities. This may not be the case with bottled water.

Surprisingly, many bottled water companies fill the bottles with tap water. This means the consumer is paying for nothing more than the plastic bottle. With the purchase of a portable water filter, there is no need to buy bottled water in plastic bottles. This is of great importance today.

A plastic bottle won’t degrade in the landfill for up to 450 years. This is one reason landfills across the country are filling up. Plastic water bottles account for a portion of this trash. In fact, experts warn our landfills are quickly running out of space. Making the switch to a portable water filter can help to slow this process while benefiting the environment.

Filtered Water on the Go

Many water filtration devices cannot be moved from place to place. However, that is not the case with a portable water filter. It is designed for people on the go. The right device can go anywhere the person goes, ensuring they always have access to clean water.

The device is very easy to use, so a person won’t find their travels are interrupted. In most cases, a person simply fills the device, and it handles the rest. The person simply needs to allow the filtration process to work, and they have clean drinking water.

Many people don’t realize how important this is. However, many water sources today have contaminants that are harmful, and the person drinking the water may not be aware of this. Purchasing a portable water filter ensures they know what they are putting in their body.

No Chemicals

Certain water filtration devices use chemicals to clean the water. However, these chemicals may remain in the water. For example, tap water often has a chlorine taste and smell to it, which many people don’t like. They may not drink as much water because they don’t like this.

The filtration system doesn’t need chlorine to provide clean water, which people appreciate. They are encouraged to drink more water because they know it will smell and taste like they expect water too.

Better Health

Water is needed to sustain life. The human body needs water to maintain its internal temperature. In addition, this water is required to keep cells alive. A lack of water can cause a person to lose their strength and stamina.

Without water, a person is more at risk of a urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and more. The electrolytes in the body may not be in balance, which can lead to seizures. Low blood volume caused by dehydration is very dangerous. It leads to a drop in the person’s blood pressure and a loss of oxygen in the body.

A portable water filter makes it easy for a person to take in enough water. The water tastes and smells fresh and clean. In addition, the person’s health improves when they have enough water. They look and feel better in every way.

Every person will benefit from the use of a portable water filter. This device is small, so it can go anywhere the owner goes. In fact, many people choose this option today over a whole-house water filtration system because it is so convenient. Learn about the devices available today to see which one is right for each family member. One is out there. It’s just a matter of finding it.

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