The Strategy Guide To Starting A New Business: 11 Tips To Becoming A Boss Lady

The Strategy Guide To Starting A New Business: 11 Tips To Becoming A Boss Lady

With 2020 being a year for the books, to say the least, it wasn’t all bad. One good thing about this year has been that women’s voices, opinions, rights, and impact have been a force to be reckoned with, and that includes business. Whether it be Julie Sweet, who is the CEO of “Accenture,” a […]

Effective Public Speaking Skills

How to Develop Effective Public Speaking Skills

Most people aspire to speak eloquently in front of a group, and yet very few have the skills to grab attention and involve people for a good amount of time. There’s a difference between having a conversation with buddies and addressing a crowd with a topic on a dais. The principles remaining the same for […]

Rule Breakers

aditi patel POESHAQ

Meet Aditi, Self-taught Designer of an Independent Fashion Label POESHAQ

As a part of the Morning Lazziness series about influential women leaders who attained success with their incredible designs, I had the pleasure of interviewing Aditi Patel. “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham Aditi Patel is the Founder and a self-taught Designer of an independent fashion label POESHAQ that makes […]


Orchyd Smart Wallet: One Solution to Every Woman- Gynecological Health

As a part of the Morning Lazziness series about strong women leaders who attained success with their incredible ideas, I had the pleasure of interviewing Morgan & Courtney. “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Launched by female founders Courtney […]

Happy Life

Things You Should Do Daily To Kill Negative Thoughts

4 Things You Should Do Daily To Kill Negative Thoughts

Building daily habits to create a life where negative thoughts don’t destroy your inner peace is the cornerstone of climbing the staircase of success. When we are drowning in negative thoughts, it can seem like inner peace is a long way off and extremely difficult to obtain. But you can find your own inner peace […]

Social Media- Friend or Foe?

Social Media- Friend or Foe?

I vaguely remember the days when there were no social media. It seems like it was back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but truthfully, there was once a time when we weren’t all glued to our cell phones, tablets, iPhones, or computers looking at posts. In some ways, social media is great. It is a […]

Health A to Z

Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water

Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water: How Much Water Do you Need Each Day

Water is essential to good health, so it is important for you to drink enough every day. The amount of water you need depends on many factors, including how active you are and the weather. Although no single formula fits everyone, knowing more about your body’s need for fluids will help you estimate how much […]

Improve Your Health

Improve Your Health! Get Less Blue Light (& More Natural Light)

If you’re like most people on the planet, the coronavirus pandemic caused you to reframe your priorities. There’s a refreshed focus on family and health. This has led to a surge in applications for life insurance. It has also led many of you to realize why you need health insurance, whatever your age. Health insurance is […]

Yoga & Meditation

Watch your breath

Watch your breath! – Equalising the Breath Exercise (Part 2 of Breathing series)

In the last part, we spoke about a simple exercise – just watching the breath. In case you did practice it, you would have observed…the breath! Well, you would have also realised that the breath varies with different activities. It tends to speed up when we are actively involved in physical activity or slows down as […]

Anand Ramaswamy

Watch your breath! – Easy Steps for a Joyful Life (Part 1 of Breathing Series)

Breathing techniques to bring you closer to your breath and hence your self. Long duration of practice leads to better focus, awareness and calms the mind.


Hosting a Casino-Themed Party

3 Tips for Hosting a Casino-Themed Party

The glitz, the glam – nothing quite embodies a good time like a casino does! And there’s a reason why Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World and is famous for its mega casino-hotels. If you’re looking for inspiration to take your next social gathering up a notch, look no further […]

bathroom designs

4 Reasons to Hire the Best Bathroom Designers

The bathroom is an integral part of your house, and you need to keep this space neat and clean. Though, it is related to your personal hygiene. Moreover, you cannot take a shower on a slippery surface.  Today, bathrooms have become a focal point of the house, and people are emphasizing creating a beautiful looking […]


Top 12 Wellness Trends for 2021 According to Astrology

Top 12 Wellness Trends for 2021 According to Astrology

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a growing trend for health and wellness. With people becoming more aware (or picky) about whether or not their food is “gluten-free,” it comes as no surprise that this theme is becoming a big mover in our lives.  But did you know that even astrology has something to […]

How to decorate your bathroom based on zodiac sign

How to Decorate your Bathroom Based on Zodiac Sign

You must have thought at least once about what you want your dream house to look like. Sometimes decorating a home can take time. When it comes to bathroom decoration, there are a lot of options and ways to decorate it nicely. Therefore, you can’t decide what would suit you best. You have probably never […]

Sex & Relationships

How To Date Your Mate

Top 10 Ways On How To Date Your Mate

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. Now, what??? Credit scores, mortgages, grocery shopping, laundry, weeding, dusting, past due bills, cleaning out the fridge, the list of responsibilities that go along with being a CFO (Chief Family Officer!) is endless.  Those romantic candlelit dinners, unexpected bouquets of roses, […]

Why Do Mean Cheat

The Real Reasons Why Men Cheat

We women all know them. We often talk about them and feel insecure with them – the men who cheat.  As someone who has dated a lot and as someone who herself has been cheated on (in the worst kind of way), I believe the answer to why men cheat is more complex than just […]

love and work

Choosing a Career Over Love: Is it worth It?

Have you already been in a situation when choosing a career over love was your dilemma? How would you know if choosing a career over love is the best decision you could ever make? In reality, know that life in this world is not always the same as what you see in romantic movies and […]

Beauty Sleep

11 Mistakes That Could Be Ruining Your Skin During Beauty Sleep

Have you noticed how some people have beautiful glowing skin and always look rested? It’s because they respect their beauty sleep and take care of their skin. Even though genetics plays a big role in the way your skin looks, your lifestyle can certainly affect your beauty! What are you doing wrong? We usually don’t […]

I Just Got Married

I Just Got Married, and Here’s What I Learned So Far…

A few months ago, I was too excited as I walked down the aisle towards the man I love. He was dashing and excited, too. As I look around, our guests are all smiling, and I was so grateful to have them as part of that special day. I know that wedding day will be […]

Living with In-Laws

Living With In-Laws Is A ‘No-No’–7 Reasons Why

Are you a newly-wed or will marry soon? You are probably pondering about living with your in-laws while adjusting in the married life. Or maybe your in-laws are asking if they can live with you. Should you let them? As much as we value family ties, it is not actually healthy to live with your […]

Dating Ideas

What Women Find Attractive And Sexy In Men

What Women Find Attractive And Sexy In Men

The things women find attractive and sexy in men, such as strength, style, financial success, and good kissing, have a lot more to do with how they make us feel than simply aesthetics. Quite often, on dating profiles, men inadvertently misrepresent themselves, and I’ve gone on countless dates with someone who was just okay in […]

What Is It Like To Date An Introvert

What Is It Like To Date An Introvert

Are you an introvert looking for a love relationship? No matter if you are an outgoing introvert or a shy introvert, you need to start working on your perfect plan! Dating as an introvert can be super easy and so much fun. We help you to understand your secret introverted talents and how to find love […]


Neutralize Your Children’s Warzone

Neutralize Your Children’s Warzone: Six Helpful Strategies

When my children don’t get enough sleep, they are animals. When they get hangry? Forget about it. When the mood strikes them, they proclaim a trade embargo on any exchange of toys, books, food, or clothing item. There are times when they are little angels who float on clouds, and there are those times when […]

English class

How to build English-speaking Skills in kids

Whether we accept it or not – English has become a daily part and parcel of our lives.  It’s a fact that a language is easier to learn when one is young. Kids have the ability to pick up multiple languages simultaneously without getting confused. As we grow older, it gets tougher, taking us longer […]