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relationship stress

How To Overcome Stress Over A Failed Dating Experience

A failed date can affect your overall confidence. You may feel betrayed and question your faith in yourself when you either get stood up on a date or your date gives you a hard time. In the first place, if you feel your interest is being taken for granted, it is time for you to […]

wedding rings

Why Wedding Rings Are the Symbol of Never-Ending Love?

If someone loves, you irrevocably, then they will redeem their love with a ring that binds two people together for eternity. The wedding ring is the symbol of everlasting love and respect for the significant other. It helps you in conveying your feelings to your partner. It is a promise that you make with your […]

people ignore you

8 Reasons Why People Ignore You

What does it feel like to be ignored by the person you like the most? Nobody likes the feeling of being ignored. It’s one of the worst and most irritating feelings in the world. If you keep asking such questions, why do people ignore me, then it’s time to look for the reasons why it’s […]

break up

15 Ways to Rewrite Your Breakup Story and Feel Better

The pain and feeling accompanied by losing a loved one due to circumstances beyond our control and is quite disheartening. Most times, it affects individual psychology or otherwise making them not to behave the way they should.  To give one a mindset of getting over such a situation and the following strategies discussed below should […]

orgasm to woman

How To Describe An Orgasm For Those Who’ve Never Experienced It Before?

Note – the article is so intense and appealing that you will be sexually aroused while reading. People who have never experienced good orgasms never come to know what it is like to achieve blissful orgasms. These people are always curious to know – what is an orgasm? What sex positions to try to acquire […]

confess your love

8 Tips To Confess Your Love For A Crush

You know you have a crush when you think about a person constantly, seek them out in a crowd and blush when they are around. Once you admit to yourself that you have a crush, the next step is to tell them that if you want it to blossom into something more. But telling your […]