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Why Do Triggers & Flashbacks Happen After Discovering An Affair?

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15 Ways to Rewrite Your Breakup Story and Feel Better

The pain and feeling accompanied by losing a loved one due to circumstances beyond our control and is quite disheartening. Most times, it affects individual psychology or otherwise making them not to behave the way they should.  To give one a mindset of getting over such a situation and the following strategies discussed below should […]

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Can a Girlfriend Dump You Because You’re Going, Bald?

The scalp hair is one of the essential parts of the body. That is why all of us want to have attractive hair. Because of different factors, people lose hair. Sometimes, it is possible to stop hair loss, but some people may not stop losing hair. As a result, hair thinning or baldness takes place. […]


How To Overcome Stress Over A Failed Dating Experience

A failed date can affect your overall confidence. You may feel betrayed and question your faith in yourself when you either get stood up on a date or your date gives you a hard time. In the first place, if you feel your interest is being taken for granted, it is time for you to […]

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How Girls Can Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Their Parents?

Girls can find it challenging to have healthy relationships with their parents because of the age gap, the generation gap. What feels right to one party may not feel right to the other. It may give rise to conflicts between girls and parents. For example, when I was younger, I believed in certain things, and my […]