6 Benefits Of Body Vibrator, According to Sexologist Amaury Mendes

The vibrator is one of the most popular sex accessories, a great option to satisfy in solitude times and for the couple’s fun when sex fell into the rut. However, there are still many taboos about the toy on the part of both sexes, who believe that the vibrator is a substitute for sexual intercourse. […]

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An Important Element Of Good Sex is “Foreplay”, According to Sexologist Amaury Mendes

In your bed, the temperature does not cool down: you have discovered a point G together, a point K, and a few other strategic places. You have orgasms that envy your neighbors. But you miss something. Of course – the final game. Most of the guys have already been made aware that without foreplay, there […]

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How Can You Differentiate Between Gender and Sex

What is Gender? What is Sex?

Terminologies of Sex and Gender have not always been discriminated against in English literature. These terms were used as a metonym or having the same meaning. But their uses are seemly unmistakable, and it is necessary to understand the discrepancy between the two. In general terms, sex attributes to the biological vibrational characters between males […]

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