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A Second Chance for Professional Growth

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Many people hope to have important aspects of their lives ironed out by the time they hit thirty years old. Yet, now more than ever, more people are finding themselves grappling with unemployment in their thirties. The International Labor Organization reports that there’s a global unemployment crisis, where over 400 million are unemployed.

Lack of access to decent work in your thirties comes with its own concerns that affect many aspects of life. For instance, retirement planning becomes a headache with the lack of a steady cash flow. With the ability to make meaningful progress diminished, many young people face anxiety about the future.

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Causes of Unemployment

Before delving further, we need to acknowledge the factors that have brought about high levels of unemployment for this age group.

Economic Recessions

During economic recessions, economic activities face a slump, and many firms lay off workers and cease hiring new ones to offset losses. While recessions may last for a few months or years, the resulting employment may take time to resolve.

The effects of the Great Lockdown of 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are still felt years later in many parts of the globe. Many companies collapsed, and many middle-aged employees lost their jobs. A significant number of people are yet to find a solid footing after losing their pre-pandemic jobs.

Technological Advancements

In 2023 alone, over 170,000 US tech company workers were affected by mass job layoffs. Google alone laid off 6% of its full-time workers in January. Meta has also fired thousands of its employees since November 2022.

One of the reasons tech companies are laying off employees is due to the advancement of AI. Before the Meta’s mass layoffs took place, Mark Zuckerberg talked about arrangements for the tech giant to invest in OpenAI.  The writing industry has also been massively affected by AI, with freelancers replaced by AI tools like ChatGpt and forced to consider other jobs.

Skill Gaps

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The job market can be unforgiving when you fail to keep abreast with the changes taking place in your field. For instance, many companies are now hiring digital marketing experts in favor of traditional marketing experts. As a marketer, lacking digital marketing knowledge is a disadvantage.

Personal Considerations

Sometimes life events may hinder one’s ability to find a Job. Factors such as illness can make it difficult to meet job demands. Relocation may also mean taking time to acquire the skills needed in your new location before beginning the job hunt. These special circumstances may mean staying without a job longer than expected.

Recognizing Opportunities

While you can re-invent yourself at any age, the thirties are an excellent time. Despite acquiring adequate skills and knowledge in your field, this age still presents remarkable flexibility should you need to change your career. Here are some ways you can leverage your time to help position yourself better for the job market.

Enhance Your Skills

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One of the best things you can do as you hunt for a job is to learn a new skill. Whether you’re in tech, business, or the arts, upskilling can go a long way in helping you stand out among other job applicants.  For instance, if you’ve been hoping to learn coding, there are many resources, some of which are free, that can help you learn at your own pace.

Likewise, if you work in the hospitality sector, this is the time to acquire a skill that will give you an edge. You can go for barista training or work towards achieving a trade certificate like the Worldchefs Global Certification. The good thing is that you don’t have to attend physical classes, thanks to the availability of many online courses.

Grow Your Network

As a person not yet employed, you have adequate time to meet new people and make meaningful connections. This is the time to attend workshops and seminars in your field where your chances of meeting people who could help you advance in your career are high.

To get the most out of attending these events, don’t shy away from talking about your job hunt if presented with the opportunity. None of your new connections will know that you need a job if you haven’t talked about it. You can also grow your network by leveraging social media. Showcase your skills and knowledge in your field and grow your online presence to attract the interest of potential employers.

Learn Financial Literacy

How to Save Money as an Expat

Many people struggle with planning their finances. Your thirties are the perfect time to get your finances in order and ensure better prospects for the future. Learn about smart investments you can make to grow your wealth once you get a stable income.

You also need to learn about the importance of a good credit score in your middle ages and how to achieve and maintain one. A good credit score will come in handy when you need financial assistance from institutions like banks to help achieve some goals like home ownership.

Improve Your Health

Good health is one of the things that many people take for granted. Yet with all the skills you may acquire, you won’t achieve much if your health stands in the way. This is the time to get your body in shape for your career.

As you focus on your physical well-being, don’t forget that mental health is equally important. If you have unresolved issues like anxiety or depression, find help so you can be in the best possible mental state when you finally land that job.

At the end of the day, being out of work presents ample opportunities for the unemployed to have better prospects in their job search. If you haven’t taken any of these steps, start today and watch the difference it makes.

Remember to remain positive as you look for a job. While your thirties is a scary time to be unemployed, it’s also the perfect time to make turnarounds that can impact your career goals for the better.

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