toxic friendship

5 Ways To Break Up With Your Toxic Best Friend Before It’s Too Late To Earn Your Pride Back!

Genuine and faithful friendship strengthens trust. Without it, you can’t actually call anyone your true companion in life. However, when you’re friends with someone for years, it’s a tad difficult to judge their true character. But sometimes, the circumstances happen to show their toxic behavior. Alarming sign.. in your life! Would you rather let this […]

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Meet People In Real Life Again

7 Ways To Meet People In Real Life Again

Between the instant gratification of dating apps and a pesky pandemic, romantic hopefuls haven’t had as many opportunities for a happenstance romantic encounter lately. But as the world opens up, we have every reason to believe this is changing.  Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Raya, OkCupid, and The League are all great ways to meet people. But after spending a […]

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