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I Love Everything About My Best Friend Except Her Irresponsible Behaviour Towards Life

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Friendship is a sacred bond that creates its own meaning with the people it connects. Don’t we all agree with this statement? And when you are best friends with someone, that connection is deeper and unexplainable.

It’s a relationship one is lucky to have in their life. But it comes with interest: best friends like me and Sameeksha (name changed) pay in terms of hardships, differences, conflicts, misunderstandings, and individual personalities. 

To me, my best friend is like a soul sister, guide, helper, that wicked kid in trouble, and much more. She adds a better color to my life. But it doesn’t mean she is all perfect despite being interactive and social. And if you ask me, it’s her irresponsible attitude in life that irritates me the most. 

So, notice Sameeksha’s traits with reasons justifying why I love her but not when she’s irresponsible and silly.

She knows how to help people in need.

That one trait draws new people to her. Often, I see her helping them in need. Sometimes, it’s too much and beyond control. At times, we fight over this attitude of hers as well. 

Why? Because it shows that she does not give her life any priority. She is a mature adult right now. She should be focusing on her career and other aspirations to achieve. But humanity comes in her way.

She gives the best advice in our friend circle.

Whenever I am lost or out of ideas, she’s the one who ignites a feisty inspiration in me. Being a writer takes a toll on my mental peace every day. I have to fight for originality and creativity. And in times like the COVID-19 pandemic, concentration gets tougher.

But she is a soulful friend of mine. She knows how to give me the right advice at the right time before I lose a great opportunity. Similarly, all our mutual friends adore her for that.

“One a flower that blooms, and other the water that roots.”- Nilakshi Garg

They know Sameeksha is there for every heartbroken person. In fact, despite being single, she’s the best love guru in our circle. 

However, she doesn’t know where to stop. She is yet to learn the art of saying no. 

Diplomacy is her worst enemy. Because often she gets in trouble between two lovers. They want entirely different things from each other and end up blaming her for their unresolved elephants in the room. 

She never hesitates to improve someone else’s life.

She is a true Samaritan. Her vision for others’ lives is always too strong and positive. Whenever she sees someone in trouble, it perturbs her until she cracks an alternative plan. 

When I ask her ifs and buts, she has no answer.

Perhaps because her mind busies itself in concocting the solutions for the person she barely knows. And her heart finds peace only when those solutions actually improve someone’s life. 

She is an excellent baker!

Apart from being goody two shoes, she’s an excellent baker. Even on the saddest day of the week, I can request her to bake me cookies and chocolates. She won’t hesitate. In fact, she gives a sweet smile mixing the ingredients before preparing the batter in the bowl.

She hums beautiful English songs while baking those delicacies. At that moment, she becomes someone else. Her baking talent is unmissable from anyone’s eyes once they taste anything she bakes.

She can become a professional baker if she puts in a little more effort into this skill. Nonetheless, we end up fighting again when I bring that discussion up on the table. She grows defensive as if what I say is completely blasphemous to her ears. 

But I know those days are not far away when she will have to toughen up. It scares me to think about such an episode. That’s because, to others, she comes across as the strongest person in the room. 

But when alone, she cries even for the minor matters – not having enough money to buy a shelter for the street dog who wiggles his tail whenever she’s around. 

What I Don’t Like About Her In General:

She doesn’t take her life seriously. 

Life is uncertain. It can throw us in a whirlwind of adversities like a pandemic. Then, we will be forced to look after ourselves without caring about others first. It is the scariest phase of our lives.

But when I advise her on things like learning something productive to earn good money, maintaining distance from those jobless colony friends, or updating the CV, I become the only enemy she knows.

Chiefly, she either averts the discussion or blames me for not giving her a break. At that point in the conversation, I was wholly disappointed and lost. I don’t know how to bring her on the same page. After all, she’s totally a tough nut to crack. 

She finds trouble making decisions related to her personal development. 

She is an extremely poor decision-maker when it comes to her life. And when she lands in trouble, I am the one she seeks out for help. 

At that time, she never let me gloat but surely knew how to play the victim card because I cared for her.

Even then, my advice isn’t enough. She is too stubborn for her own good. Eventually, she learns life lessons only after committing blunders. 

It pains me to see her flounder in the toughest waters of her life when I can ease the struggle. Yet, she refuses to tread the direction I point her towards to solve all troubles until she hits rock bottom. 


I know that Sameeksha is immature. She is yet to understand the value of time and life. Being always available to help people doesn’t make her look. Instead, they all take her for granted. And I am waiting for the day when prioritizing her life goals gives her happiness before pleasing strangers. 

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