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4 Ways To Deal With Toxic Friends

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Friendship is the most beautiful and pious relationship in the world. It is the first relationship we develop with strangers in our childhood, college, and workplace. Friends make life appear easier. However, not all friends are the same. 

Sometimes we encounter people who initially seemed amazing but soon turned out toxic. Being with a toxic friend is similar to being in a toxic relationship. It drains you emotionally and mentally. 

But the idea of losing a friend doesn’t seem comfortable to our emotional self, and thus most of us give a second chance to that person. Sometimes the person realizes the mistake, which turns out to be your best decision so far, but other times they make you regret it.

But how to identify whether your friend is toxic or not?

Here are some signs through which you can differentiate a normal friendship from a toxic one:

  • Your friends make you feel worthless
  • They bring out the worst in you
  • They pressure you to do things that you don’t want to
  • You don’t feel comfortable sharing your important things
  • You don’t trust them
  • You are always fighting 
  • The friendship feels one-sided
  • There is drama and jealousy in the friendship.
  • Things never fall into place, even when you make an effort
  • You hate to spend time with them
  • There isn’t any respect for each other
  • They often put you down

If you figure out any of the above signs or a combination of two or more, it’s high time to get rid of it.

However, here is how you can deal with them:

Confront Them About Their Actions & Words

Talk to your friend and let them know you are uncomfortable with them. Make them aware of their actions and words that are hurting you. For instance, if you catch them red-handed back-bitching about you with other people, call them and politely tell them to stop. They will probably try to defend themselves, and thus you might have arguments. Let that happen, at least you would know their real intention, and you can further take action.

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Have A Conversation

If you guys are really good friends and don’t want to lose them, hold a conversation. Sit and talk to them about everything. Blurt out what you have been holding back for a long rather than holding grudges. It’s not good for a healthy friendship. 

Take Some Space 

Sometimes we all need a break from our relationship, no matter if it’s friends or family. So, take a break and reduce your contact. Don’t call or text them if you don’t feel like doing it. Sometimes time heals things, and maybe they will realize your importance.

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Cut Them Off

When nothing works, it’s better to break all your bonds. Stop making efforts to mend your relationship and let it diminish with time. Stop responding to their calls and messages, and don’t hang out with them. Let them know that you don’t want to take this friendship forward. 

Wrap up

I know it’s hard to lose friends, but sometimes it’s important for the sake of our mental peace. It’s better to be alone rather than be with a toxic friend who does nothing but lowers your self-esteem.

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