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Moving To A New City: 7 Things You Should Know About How To Make New Friends

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Moving to a new city, whether for work or studies, sounds pretty awesome. But the one thing which frightens us the most is how I will survive; I hardly know anyone there, since all my friends are here, I” ll be all alone.  

I still remember how hard it was when I shifted to a new city for work; everything was astonishing, from the apartment to the workplace to new responsibilities. The weekdays used to pass nicely, but what pinches the most is weekends. I did not know anyone or have any friends. So, I used to roam around the city all alone, and that made me emotionally strong (the best thing ever happened).

After spending almost two weekends alone in a new city, one day at the apartment near the grocery store, I bumped into my neighbor. After that, everything changed. At weekends, we start hanging out together. He invited me to his colleague’s birthday party, and gradually I became the part of their graceful squad (where there’s a will, there’s a way)

How to make friends when you move to a new city?

Trust me, moving abroad is a whole new experience. You get to know many things about that city’s culture and tradition. And, making friends is a part of that journey, which you may need to learn. You may feel down for days, seem scared to socialize, but do not let the fear of living alone overtake your mindset.

That is why I put together the following tips on how to make friends in a new city. Remember this, making friends is easy, but maintaining a friendship bond is troublesome, so choose your friends wisely. Never be vulnerable to every other friend you meet. 

Talk to your colleagues: 

Making friends is a part of that journey, which you may need to learn.

You work with them, eat lunch with them, assist them in presentation, so why not make them your friends? Yes, your colleagues/co-workers. You spend most of your time in the office and sometimes on weekends. Hence the odds of becoming friends with colleagues are higher. If they are inviting you for happy hours, don’t say NO; join them. Presumably, you want friends, so when your colleagues call you to an office party, don’t be shy, hit the party, and make new friends. 

Join some activity classes:

Why sit inside sobbing in the apartment and eating the tub of ice cream? When can you go out? On weekends if you feel left alone, nothing much to do, how about joining some of your favorite hobby classes? If you enjoy baking, join a pastry-chef class, ceramic fan, try hands-on pottery, love to dance, join a dance-challenge class, and if painting is your passion, join an art class, you will have plenty of things to do. 

You can also do some exciting part-time jobs by enrolling yourself with pet-day care or babysitter services. 

Become a volunteer:

Trust me, volunteering at events or functions is one of the easiest ways to make friends. When you join any volunteering projects, you get to meet many people, and that’s what you want. If you love helping others or needy people, join hands with humanity foundation, love to teach students – then become a volunteer with play-group school. 

Keep gym and exercising a part of your daily routine:

Making friends is a part of that journey, which you may need to learn.

Enduring a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself fit is one way to keep the mindset happy and well-going. If gyming is all your love, so the time you move to a new city, register yourself in the nearby gym; honestly, doing this keeps your mind calm and happy. Also, you will be interacting with many other people. In short, hitting a gym means- new friends…

Attend happy hours or live-music clubs:

Making friends is a part of that journey, which you may need to learn.

Many of the people who attend happy hours or live music shows are there just to make new friends. Once everyone has good drinks, they are relaxed, and it’s easy to start a friendly conversation. So, on the upcoming Saturday, instead of lying on your bed, visit the city’s finest bar or club. Don’t be afraid to start a new conversation; maybe the other person is also looking for friends. 

Go for a walk, don’t sit inside:

It’s time to get some fresh air; the more you open yourself, the easier it is to make new friends. You don’t have to close yourself inside the four walls; go out walking around. You can also ask your neighbor to come along. Open your arms again, let the inside of you fly again.  

Sign-up on Bumble:

An online platform like Bumble is an existing platform to meet with minded people and make new friends. The platform lets you choose yourself with whom you want to hang out, all the powers at your side. 

Honestly, Bumble is a great platform for entrepreneurs, so if you are looking to enhance any quality of yourself or engage with new clients, Bumble makes things easy. 

Well, there is no rocket science or magical formula for making new friends; what attracts your vibe stays with you. Turn off your laptop, get dressed well, keep a gentle smile on your face, and you are all set to rock the new city. 

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