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4 Steps To Throwing Your Best Friend A Milestone Birthday Party On A Budget

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So your bestie has hit a milestone birthday, and you’re (self-elected or not) in charge of throwing them a party? It’s no mean feat, but there are ways to throw a great bash on a budget!
Milestones always bring with them a sense of expectation; however, not being a millionaire doesn’t mean your best friend can’t have a birthday to remember!

1. Find A Venue 

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Often, it’s best to think of the venue first, as you’ll know how much of your budget will take a hit if you’re considering renting somewhere. 

If your bestie likes being outdoors and enjoys smoking, vaping, or a more relaxed atmosphere, throwing a party in your garden is a great idea. Your mate can relax with their disposable vape making bubbling sound, some light tunes, and have a good time. 

However, even picking a cheaper location, like your backyard, comes with potential costs that you should factor in. For example, if you’re throwing a party in your garden, will you need a gazebo to keep rain at bay in bad weather? And if it’s dry but cold, will you need some outdoor heaters? 

2. Pick Theme 


With birthday traditions dating back to the 1700s, it can take a lot of work to make a birthday bash original, so having a theme can be a great idea, especially for those milestones. 

If your pal is turning 30, you could draw inspiration from ‘13 Going On 30’ and host a “thirty, flirty, and thriving” where you come dressed up as characters from the film or come as a person who is either known for being thirty, flirty, or thriving. 

Or use marriage milestones to draw inspiration. Maybe your pal is turning 50? Use gold as your theme; the most important thing is having fun! Draw inspiration from the birthday person themselves. 

3. Personalise 

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Keeping sight of your friend’s interests in all the planning is essential. What is it that they love to do? Incorporating cheap games into the night based on your mate.

For example, your friend might obsess over Spanish telenovelas – get them a pinata! Or maybe they’re a sporting fanatic? Do races or homemade obstacle courses in the backyard. 

4. Choose The Perfect Gift 

Parties are getting more expensive as the demand to adhere to social norms increases. If you can’t afford a costly gift or party, remember that the money isn’t the end goal – it’s all about your friend. 

For photography fanatics, the perfect gift could be a disposable camera to take photos of the night, giving them memories forever, or perhaps their love language is words of affirmation, so you get a notebook filled with kind words from friends. While these thoughtful gifts might take more organizing, they’ll surely leave your friend touched. 

Final Thoughts 

Milestones are meant to be celebrated, so celebrate with these four steps, and your friend will have a birthday party to remember without breaking the bank!

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