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Give Winter Decor the Cold Shoulder with These Warm Design Ideas

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Skip the holly.
Forget the plaid.
Kick those snowflakes to the curb.

Winter needs a makeover, and it’s time to give those stale elements a rest.

Let’s start by freshening up with lots of greenery like succulents and firs. These don’t need a lot of attention (or water) to thrive, and green plants are known to set off a peaceful vibe and produce happy hormones in us humans.

Whether you prefer the real ones or your black thumb has you leaning towards the faux variety, having plants in and around your home will immediately make it feel more relaxing. Typically one of the most often overlooked elements in home decor, I encourage finding the perfect plants and greenery for your space. Don’t be surprised at the immediate style shift you will feel!

Next, let’s replace that heavy flannel blanket with a soft sherpa throw. The lightness and extra fluff welcomes the winter season and encourages us to settle in and get cozy in the living room. Ready for a shocker?

Swap the snowy white decor for something a little more sensual.

Terracotta peach and sunset pink bring a gentle warm nuance to an otherwise cold winter palette. Who says white has to be the color of winter anyway?

Go bold in the living room by adding a vibrant green Fiddle Leaf fig tree in the corner. For the floor, choose a rug with deep tones of burgundy, orange, and deep blue hues for instant character and charm.

Toss a faux fur pillow or two on the sofa for a good dose of soothing texture, and place a small gold decorative bowl on the coffee table for an inexpensive little luxury.

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Now to beautify the bedroom.

Relaxation is key for winding down after a long, cold winter day. Soften the mood with gentle lighting from a dimmable lamp. The trees outside may be bare, but that doesn’t mean your windows have to be. I suggest hanging a set of ivory cotton linen drapes for an inexpensive, elegant touch.

We all know there are times to save and times to spend. Ditch the itchy wool and splurge on luxuriously soft bedding that will enhance sleep and restore your mind and body. Wake up to soft shades of sunrise inside reflected in decor and artwork, and you’ve got a bedroom that will feel like a dream.

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When setting up our NEW winter decor, let’s set it firmly on one rustic element – wood. A birch box or pine tray provides the perfect setting for a trio of vases or favorite holiday candy dish. A natural stained walnut or cedar mantel above a fireplace can be a showstopper as well as the perfect place to show off favorite art, books, or family heirlooms.

Looking for a personal touch? Add a collection of your favorite photos in different sized wood and metal frames to help ground your new design.

Now light your winter scented candle and turn up your favorite tunes while you sip a cup of happiness by the fire.

Winter’s got a new attitude, baby, and a fresh look, too!

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