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The Art of Living in The Present: Seven Tips to Live in the Moment

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Life becomes more worthwhile when you realize the simple fact that you’ll never get the same moment twice.

Most individuals are never fully present in the moment because, unconsciously, they think that the next moment is more important than the present. 

We all ponder about the past and have expectations for what’s to come. We look at our old photos and read old texts, dreaming about what might have been and what we trust will be from now on. 

But watch out. Living in your past or the future will take away your joy in the present moment. All of us carry baggage from past events in our lives. 

Living in the present moment does not mean that you are escaping from your past or future. It simply means that you are making peace with what has happened in your life, and you are hopeful about what will happen while you savor the life you have right now. 

How To Start Living In The Present Moment?

Living in the moment is not an unknown piece of advice. From time to time, we hear or read about the art of living in the present moment. From great philosophers, authors, motivational speakers, and mentors. Regardless of the significance and consideration it has gotten, living in the present is a secret to many. 

Why? Since we don’t treat our life as a ‘park bench’ where we can sit in harmony, be calm, and simply enjoy the view. All things considered, we see life as a ‘racing track,’ where we either pursue our obligations and dreams or take off from our past devils. Like a hamster on a wheel, we run erratically, and we often forget about the present completely. 

Let’s take a closer look at how we can simply live in the moment.

1. Appreciate the small joy in life 

How to be Happy Alone

Whenever life runs in an autopilot mode, we neglect to pause and focus on the little details that are worth our attention. 

We stay attached to our cell phones, worried about our previous mistakes or stressed over the following week’s meeting, all of which keep our thoughts in cuffs and leg irons. 

Free yourself from the shackles of the past and what the future holds. Taste your food, pay attention to the birds tweeting, and feel the cold breeze falling all over. Such moments come consistently. It depends on us whether we live with them or lose them.

2. Enjoy the Present 

Regardless of whether yesterday was troublesome and tomorrow stays an enigma, remember to appreciate today.

Suppose your thoughts wander in another direction; attempt to ponder at this point only. It tends to be challenging to do at first, yet it can turn into a habit with steadiness.

3. If we let go of the past, it will let go of us too. 

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We all have had frightful encounters, heartbreaks, difficulties, and setbacks that we can’t forget easily. But carrying the weighty stuff of the past can hold you back from embracing your life now.

It won’t allow you to heal, not to mention gain new experiences that are overflowing with bliss and satisfaction. 

Trying to make peace with the past is your choice and conviction; a new beginning awaits you.

4. Love what you are doing 

Loving what you are doing is the least demanding lifestyle choice at present. Whenever you have some work you love, you welcome and embrace all that is coming along with it-responsibilities, accountability, and proprietorship. 

You eventually stop dwelling in the past. Find something you love to enjoy the experience of life and embrace each second that comes your way.

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5. Keep a Journal 

Journal Writing Ideas

Every day, before you sleep, make a rundown of things that have happened the following day. Close to every passage, you can write down your thoughts on what you gain from each insight. Also, what is your opinion about them? Make a habit of updating the diary daily.

Read what you have penned once you have jotted down a fair number of pages to utilize a bookmark. This will make you more mindful and aware of your activities.

6. Practise Meditation

Mindful Meditation helps individuals with becoming conscious and increases their focus on the thing they are doing at any given time.

Beginning a day-to-day meditation practice can assist you with turning out to be more alert to your thoughts and sentiments, which can thus build how much time you spend at the moment.

7. Stop worrying about the future

Understand that tomorrow comes when today is finished. Note that you don’t have any idea what the future holds. The only gift you have close by is today, your present, and this exact second. So do everything you can without worrying over tomorrow.

It can’t be learned overnight; however, when it turns out to be important in your day-to-day everyday practice, you can embrace every second as it comes and make every second count.

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