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Why Do People Live A Fake Life On Social Media?

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“Fake it till you make it” means that a person can achieve the results they seek by modeling confidence, competence, and an optimistic mindset.

And to be very honest, the so-called social media influencers have ruined the true meaning of this aphorism by completely faking everything that revolves around them. Unfortunately, the commoners have followed the same trend as well.

Whenever we open Instagram or Snapchat, all that we go through is their magical, fantasy, too good to be true, lifestyle and feel pity for the way we live our monotonous life.

5 reasons people live a fake life on social media

Believe it or not, just like the fights in WWE, it’s all a fake. No one’s life is so happy-go-lucky as the way these influencers pretend it to be on social media platforms. So it is what it is.

Why is Social Media Detox Good

Is it not weird when you admire someone on social media, and then you feel bewildered when you finally meet them in person?

Well, always being perfect is a tough job to do, and convincing others this successfully to others can be a harder task. Even after so many risks, people opt to glamorize their not-so-perfect lifestyle but in a fake way.

Do you want to know why all these fairytale plays they put up on their virtual social media accounts? We have got you covered with some of the most authentic reasons people fake life on social media platforms.

1. Social media is a favorite pastime for worldly people.

Materialistic people are addicted to posing well on social media platforms. 

They constantly show off their belongings like cars, drinks, and even their shoes on this platform to maintain their perfect lifestyle image. For someone like this, social media is LIFE!

2. The majority of people lead boring lives.

Not everyone wakes up with a cup of Starbucks in their hands.

We follow a typical life, where we either attend schools or colleges or go to our jobs. So, these platforms provide us a way to make it a bit more fun and exciting, even if we fake it for a while.

3. A fake image is what people strive to live up to

Social Media and Insurance

Each of us is fond of someone or something and tries to imitate their lifestyle, accents, or beliefs.

What we forget is that it’s not who we are; we forget our own personality when we try to live two different lives. And this only comes to our senses when people react differently when they meet us in person.

4. Getting famous on social media has now become possible.

You must have heard this a hundred times that someone became viral on Instagram overnight.

Who doesn’t like fame? It’s like a drug, to be honest. Getting popular on social media is not a cup of tea for everyone. But just by our thoughts, we tend to fake our personalities to get the attention of others, whether it makes us famous or infamous. Popularity on social media can literally change your life in an instant, even in a bad sense.

5. Social media isn’t a place to share your vulnerabilities.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Getting abused or mocked around on social media platforms for your insecurities is like a nightmare. Not everyone is capable of handling all the jokes and humiliations from strangers.

So people avoid showing their vulnerable sides on these platforms and try to pretend to be something else to get appreciated.

We always look to run from our realities but presenting it in a way that alters our own uniqueness isn’t a great way of doing it. Despite the fact that it’s all fake, social media has become so important to us.

Getting lots of likes on our photos may only give us a small dopamine rush, but that little stimulus compels us to do it repeatedly.

But at the end of the day, all that matters is believing in yourselves, accepting your flaws, overcoming insecurities, and stopping asking for approval from others. 

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