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7 Best Bath Dolls To Make Bathing Fun for Your Toddler

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Bath time should be a fun time while kids learn about personal hygiene. But for some kids, the water is scary, and they don’t like getting in. What’s a parent to do?

Bath dolls! Bath dolls put the fun into bath time and take away some of the fear. 

The only problem? The kids may not want to get out!

Let’s take a look at the best bath dolls for your kids so you can take the tears out of bath time. 


Baby Born

There are many bath time dolls, but if you’re looking for the best bath doll, you may not have to look farther than the BABY born doll. The BABY born soft-touch doll is soft to the touch and comes with lots of accessories. This baby does it all!

This doll even eats and goes potty. Best of all? The BABY born comes with her own bathtub.

The tub features lights, music, and a shower that works. Your kids will love this special bath doll. 

Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Bath Time Dolls

Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Bath Time Dolls

Since Barbie’s creation in 1959, she’s been a big hit. She’s also morphed into a plethora of different types of dolls, some of which make perfect bath time partners. 

The Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Dolls each have their own colorful look. They have vibrantly-colored tails, removable tiaras, and long colorful hair. The kids will love these beauties in the tub. 

Adora Bathtime Baby – Elephant

baby doll1

Baby doll bath time is adorable with Adora Bathtime Baby – Elephant. The little ones will love the swimsuit and cute elephant bathrobe. Made from Quikdri, her body dries out so fast she can take a bath and still be dry for bedtime snuggling. 

Disney Princess Sing & Sparkle Ariel Bath Dolls

Are your kids Disney fans? Ariel-loving tots will adore this sparkling bath doll. If your kids are looking for bath time adventures, she’s the perfect companion.

Ariel speaks 20 phrases and sings two of her famous songs. She’s got long plush hair and a removable tiara.

Even more fun? She has a light-up tail. This is a great bath time, friend. 

Kmart Baby Doll Bath Time Set

Kmart Baby Doll Bath Time Set

Are you spending too much on toys? The Kmart bath time doll set is easy on the budget but still comes with lots of accessories. This baby doll even comes with a toy tub that has a working shower. 

Also included are pretend lotion and shampoo bottles for the doll. 

Baby Secrets Bath Time Playset

Baby Secrets Bath Time Playset

These dolls are teeny-tiny and super cute. They also come with a surprise. Once they’re dipped in their tub, their diapers change color, revealing their gender!

Purchase these dolls separately or in the set that includes a cute bathroom for continued play after bath time. 

Bath Dolls Turn Bath Time From Scary Time to Playtime!

These little bathing beauty bath dolls turn bath time from scary to fun in an instant! They also teach your kids the importance of personal hygiene.

Get your kids some bath dolls to make their tub time the best time of the day. 

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