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Want More Orgasms? Hit the Gym! Beducated Poll Finds Exercise Key to Healthy Sex Life

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Good news for fitness buffs! Beducated, the world’s leading digital sex education platform for adults, reveals not-so-surprising survey results linking regular exercise to significant bedroom benefits.

A comprehensive survey polled nearly 2,000 of users revealed that 72% engage in weekly exercise – primarily through strength training – 41% report enhanced sexual confidence due to their fitness routines, 34% notice a libido lift and 22% of those who exercise reported being ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their sex lives. Of the 60% of respondents stuck in a rut, many cited miscommunication in the bedroom, mismatched desires and a longing for more intimacy.

“Through our ongoing surveys, we aim to continuously enrich our understanding of factors that contribute to a healthy sex life,” says Beducated co-founder Mariah Freya. “It’s long been understood that exercise benefits overall health, but these findings highlight its specific advantages for enhancing intimacy among couples. We’re committed to exploring and sharing knowledge that empowers our users to enjoy all aspects of their wellness.”

The Beducated poll results are available at For the PDF version, click HERE.

To learn more, visit Beducated to discover 100+ pleasure-based sex education courses covering everything from self-pleasure to kink exploration, with subscriptions starting at $9.99 a month for an annual pass. Non-subscribers can also explore the service with a 24-hour free trial.


Beducated is the biggest pleasure-based sex education platform on the internet, with 100+ courses covering everything from self-pleasure to kink exploration. The library hosts thousands of lessons and extensive learning materials curated by world-class sex educators, coaches, and experts.

Founded by Mariah Freya and Phil Steinweber in 2018, Beducated began as a “Netflix for sexual education,” offering online access to sex and sexuality master classes via subscription. Their latest venture, the AI Sex Coach, is a comprehensive ‘intimacy assistant’ that provides detailed advice on sex and relationships, leveraging extensive training from thousands of sex education lessons and materials to foster an environment of shame-free sexual exploration.

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