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How CBD Works For Senior Citizens

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For the elderly population, localized pain is not uncommon. For some reason or another, we find them suffering from different types of discomfort caused due to illness. However, CBD has various medical benefits. One of the most significant advantages of using CBD is that it relieves pain and discomfort. Since degenerating health is a common byproduct of ageing, the elderly population can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of using CBD.    

What is CBD?

CBD is the short form for cannabidiol. This chemical compound is extracted from cannabis plants. CBD is naturally present in many oils and edibles which have a relaxing or a calming effect.

CBD is not psychoactive, and it does not contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the substance present in marijuana that is responsible for getting you high.

CBD derived from hemp is legal as it contains very less amount of THC.

How does CBD function?

Our body has an endocannabinoid system that naturally produces endocannabinoids. These neurotransmitters are present in our nervous system and can bind with the cannabinoid receptors. Studies prove that CBD can help in reducing pain by targeting the receptor activity of the endocannabinoid. It can also impact neurotransmitters to minimize any form of inflammation. 

What are the benefits of CBD for senior citizens?

As technology improves with time, a large number of pharmaceutical companies dealing with cannabis reach out to a vast majority of the elderly population. CBD is available in various forms like topicals, oils, edibles, etc. and the older adults can incorporate this into their daily routine. It is not always possible for older people to travel physically and buy CBD products.  

There are many ways by which CBD can benefit senior citizens. Some of these benefits are:

  1. As a general pain reliever- With the onset of old age, most of the older adults cannot expect to lead a pain-free life. Apart from general stiffness, arthritis, or chronic pain, it is common for them to suffer from muscular or joint pain every once in a while. However, using CBD can be useful in these cases. Scientific tests prove that CBD can alleviate joint pain and psychologically reverse its underlying causes. CBD-based ointments can be beneficial in case of chronic pain or arthritis. 
CBD Works For Senior Citizens
  1. For improving memory and cognitive abilities- CBD has the potential to reverse the effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s. It protects the nerve fiber and the spinal cord by improving nervous insulation. This helps to improve one’s memory and cognitive abilities.
  1. For improving heart health- Heart diseases are more common in older adults than in the younger generation. Heart problems can be excruciating and, at times, fatal. Therefore taking care of the heart becomes crucial. CBD can be used to boost heart-health. It can also repair damaged muscles or tissues in the heart area.
CBD Works For Senior Citizens
  1. As a replacement for multiple medicines- Recent studies show that people are replacing their prescribed drugs with CBD. Traditional medicines only target one particular ailment, while CBD can target numerous diseases at the same time. For older adults, it is common to have ailments like joint pain, inflammation, depression, and sleeplessness at the same time. Instead of using multiple traditional medicines to deal with different health issues, CBD can be used to treat all these conditions. 
  1. In Stroke recovery – Recent studies show that CBD can reduce the pain caused during a stroke and also help in its recovery. It can also reduce the risks of long term brain injuries and help in restoring neurobehavioral functions.
CBD Works For Senior Citizens
  1. For improved functioning of bones and organs- CBD can prevent osteoporosis and other common diseases caused due to ageing. It also improves bone health and maintains the proper functioning of organs. It has an anti-ageing effect on most of the organs of the human body. It can promote the repair and replacement of cells and tissues inside the body. CBD not only improves the functioning of bones and organs but also prevents degeneration caused due to ageing. 
  1. For improved functioning of the digestive system- A weak digestive system and gastrointestinal disorders are prevalent problems that older adults face. However, CBD can play an active role in improving digestive and metabolic health. It can also cure age-specific gastrointestinal disorders caused due to the deterioration in the gut lining. 
CBD Works For Senior Citizens
  1. For alleviating neurodegenerative disorders- CBD can be used as a neuroprotectant. It can cure degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis. It is also very effective against diseases of the central nervous system. 
  1. As a sleep inducer- Older adults are prone to insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns. However, CBD can help treat the problem of sleeplessness. Quality sleep is essential for the well being of the mind and the body. CBD works against the root causes of insomnia like anxiety, stress, or depression and helps to induce sound sleep. CBD also acts as a good alternative for sleeping pills, which have a higher risk of causing addiction or dependence. 
CBD Works For Senior Citizens
  1. For the balanced functioning of the immune system- CBD works as an Anti-inflammatory agent and regulates the immune system of the body. Study shows that CBD can improve the health and overall quality of life of the senior citizens. 

Using genuine cannabis-based products can benefit your body. But nowadays many fake products are also available on the market. As a buyer, you must be very careful and buy such products from authentic sellers only. You can check the authenticity by requesting a third-party certification. 

While using these products, you need to consult a good doctor who will fix a particular dosage for you. Consuming too much or too little may not give the desired results. Only authentic products and proper dosage can ensure the benefits of CBD. 

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