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How Good You Are At Your First Date by Zodiac Sign

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Most dating apps will list a person’s Sun sign, and it is still pretty common to ask a person, “what’s your sign?” when meeting them and striking up a conversation, especially if you are flirting with them.

If you happen to find out or know a person’s astrological sign and want to plan a first date, then it’s helpful to know what kind of the first date each sign would most likely enjoy, giving you a chance to get a relationship off to a great start!

A Quick Look at the Core Energy of Each Sign

The Zodiac contains 12 signs, each one with its own unique energy signature. Signs also share some types of energy; for example, there are three earth signs, three fire signs, three air signs, and three water signs. Signs also express energy in three distinct ways: cardinal signs lead, fixed signs persist, and mutable signs adapt. Four signs are cardinal, four signs are fixed, and four signs are mutable.


Aries is a cardinal fire sign; it loves to act, be first, and try new experiences. If you are an Aries or going on a first date with an Aries, then you need to do something active together. Taking a bike ride or hike, engaging in some form of activity, is a great first-date idea for Aries. If some competition can be mixed in, then all the better. Playing pool, a board game, or going to a trivia night out will allow the Aries individual to be active with mind and/or body.


Taurus is a fixed earth sign; it loves to endure, experience physical pleasure, and establish consistent patterns. Food! Taurus will appreciate a luxurious experience, so dining at a restaurant with great food will definitely make the first date a success. The restaurant’s appearance is not as important as the quality of the experience, which needs to be rich with aroma, sights, and sounds. Taurus is the most tactile sign of the Zodiac. Connecting with the earth also helps, so a picnic lunch out in nature can go over great.


Gemini is a mutable air sign; it loves to learn, communicate, and multi-task. Perhaps more than any other, this sign is made for going to a movie, especially an intellectually stimulating one, filled with twists and turns, and lots of dialogue. They can appreciate action in a movie so long as the action is integral to the plot. Going to a bookstore, even the library, would intrigue this sign. They are, after, sapiosexual (turned on by intelligence). 


Cancer is a cardinal water sign; it loves to nurture, share, and gather. This sign actually would enjoy a first date as part of a group outing. They have no problem meeting your friends or family right out of the gate; after all, they want to know where you come from and who you are close to. This sign is family-oriented, so revealing your personal life in some way on a first date will definitely attract them. If you do not do a date with a group, then a first date somewhere out that is personal to you, and intimate, will be something they appreciate. 


Leo is a fixed fire sign; it loves to perform, create, and lead. Leo loves to be seen out, dressed to the nines, and experiencing the crowd. Events are great first dates with a Leo, whether a sporting event or the theater (not the movie theater, but the theater … theater). If they can get dressed up and go out or sit at the 50-yard line or center court, all the better. They want to be part of the show of life, sit at the best table at the most popular restaurant. Show them off or let them show off on a first date, and it will be considered a success. 


Virgo is a mutable earth sign; it loves to invent, problem-solve, and perfect. Virgos love to learn practical skills, so a first date to actually do something will appeal to them. Make pottery, string jewelry, work on a puzzle, or invite them over to help you put together IKEA shelving and you will be well on your way to a successful first date with a Virgo. Humorously enough, Subway was obviously designed with Virgo in mind, building your own sandwich for a first date meal would be right up their alley.


Libra is a cardinal air sign; it loves to relate, analyze, and decide. Oddly enough, Libra enjoys doing what you want to do, which can make the first date between two Libra’s kind of funny. But for every other sign, Libra really gets its pleasure from doing what the other sign wants to do. If Aries wants to hike a trail, Libra wants to go along. If Virgo wants to work on a 2000-piece puzzle, Libra is ready to help. They will especially enjoy the first date with options, where the two of you can work together to choose what you are going to do.


Scorpio is a fixed water sign; it loves to transform, penetrate, and intensify. The dive bar, strip club, exclusive private club, or something with more than a little hint of danger will appeal to this sign. Sky-diving, why not. Renting a racing car and finding a stretch of road to unwind it on, yes, definitely. And the chance of sex on the first date, always a possibility with this sign; they are not squeamish or prudish. The more intense the dating experience, the more they will find you attractive.


Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign; it loves to explore, spread “the word,” and lead through expertise. Travel … period. A first date involving a flight somewhere is a sure winner. If getting out of the country is not possible, then exploring every inch of the city or the surrounding area will work too. Tourist tours were made with Sagittarius in mind. They love to explore, so figure out a first-date adventure that works with everyone’s budget. Just go out and go somewhere!


Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign; it loves to achieve, prosper, and attain high status. If you are thinking about dining, then the restaurant at the top of a city building or the newest, the up-and-coming eatery will appeal to a Capricorn. Shopping actually works too; Capricorns love to find a good deal or opportunity to invest in something. If you are in the market for a new home and want to take them to look at the property, they will not immediately think you “ant to “p”ayhouse”, but rather you are looking for their wisdom to find a good deal. They also enjoy a good competition, like Aries, so a date involving others or a crowd where there is some goal to win, will get their juices flowing.


Aquarius is a fixed air sign; it loves to idealize, socialize, and find solutions that work for everyone. Take them to a protest, a religious gathering (church or revival), a scientific lecture, or a planetarium. This sign loves doing something unconventional or idealistic. Take them somewhere they can observe people with you as much as have the experience. If you go to an art gallery, go when there is a crowd. Aquarius will love looking at the art and looking at the people looking at the art. If there is a comic convention or gun show or camper festival, it does not matter, just so long as it is unique and/or specialized.


Pisces is a mutable water sign; it loves to imagine, d“eam, and “feel ”he world.” A great first date can be some kind of spiritual adventure. If you and they are active, a yoga class or martial arts tournament. It could be a one-day retreat where you spend the time together in silence for the duration of the event and then discuss all the thoughts and feelings that transpired while you were together and not talking. This sign likes to adapt and go with the flow, so an ideal first date may just be getting in a car and deciding to pull out and go left or right and left or right again until you end up somewhere interesting.

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