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Psychic senses associated with each chakra

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Each chakra contains a particular energy consciousness to it. That energy consciousness correlates to a specific aspect of our physicality, emotionality, and spirituality. Because of that, each chakra connects with a layer of psychic awareness. 

According to Adora Winquist, Author, Leader in the Field of Alternative Medicine & Modern Alchemist, who has an experience of 20 years with chakras, “many people think that psychic awareness is only about clairvoyance. But that is a myth. We are multifaceted and multi-dimensional beings and therefore, our psychic gifts are also multi-dimensional in nature.”

She continued by saying, “we all are born with some psychic gifts. In other words, for each one of us, some of our psychic gifts are more accentuated than others. The rest can be gained by practice and developing the energy movement through the chakras.” 

The more we balance our chakras, the more energy we can contain and allow to flow through us. And the more energy flows through us, the clearer and more expanded the reality we can see. 

Now that you know what you can expect overall, here’s how psychic senses are associated with each chakra.

1. Root chakra- Kinesthetic

According to Adora “The psychic sense associated with the root chakra is the Kinesthetic aspect of High Sense Perception or HSP. Those with Kinesthetic senses can feel it in their bodies. For me personally, when someone comes to me and talks about their pain, I can feel it in my body.”

2. Sacral chakra- Empathy

The psychic awareness associated with the sacral chakra is the feeling of empathy. For example, you just walked into a room where somebody argued, and you can feel it. You not only feel what’s happening in your environment but also people’s emotions. You can also sometimes feel people’s past traumas and dysfunctional things going on in their lives. 

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3. Solar plexus- Vague sense of knowing

The Solar plexus chakra is associated with a vague sense of knowing. For example, you may need to post a letter and you get a feeling that you should stop by a certain store that is on the way. When you enter the store you see the person who has been on your mind and that you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. You didn’t know that you were going to meet this person in the store, you just had a vague sense that you should stop by. 

The more we follow this gift of inner direction, the more trust we have in it. With so much happening in the world, we often question what to believe and what direction to pursue. But if we develop this psychic awareness, our inner voice will always align us to our highest path and purpose. Then you no longer need to look for guidance, endorsement, and approval outside. 

4. Heart Chakra- A view into the past lives

Adora tells us that “I have experienced that the heart chakra is not only where we can view past life experiences but also patterns that exist in the DNA and connect to our lineage. And just like our ancestors’ experiences are manifested in our physical body via DNA, this energy consciousness is also present in our chakras.” 

So when you are working to build the psychic sense associated with the heart, you are really delving into timelines of history. 

Our soul experiences are directly related to our cellular consciousness and what’s held in our DNA. 

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5. Throat chakra- Clairaudient

The throat chakra is our communication center from where we speak our truth and it is associated with clairaudient senses. Clairaudience is when you can hear guidance.

It is interesting to note that the procedure of psychic surgery is done on the 5th level of the field which is the throat chakra where your spiritual allies come in to support this surgery. So it makes sense that throat chakra is where we can hear our spiritual guides. 

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6. Third eye chakra- Clairvoyance

The third eye chakra is associated with clairvoyance. This is the most commonly known aspect of psychic development. Clairvoyance is the ability to see that is not visible to our two physical eyes. This center is important to not overdevelop. It can seem attractive to have visions of the cosmic realm, but we must be vigilant to stay grounded to actualize our dreams and desires in the physical realm and not get stuck in a fantasy life.

7. Crown chakra- Direct Knowing

The crown chakra is associated with the gift of knowing something that otherwise you have no framework or context for knowing. This is a more developed form of HSP (High Sense Perception ).

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