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The Ideal Sex Position Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Astrology can be a powerful tool for understanding our life and discovering how other people see us all. A better interpretation of ourselves and others, particularly in the bedroom room, can help us improve our health, relationships, and confidence.

In this article, we will be talking about which sex position is ideal for you or gives you significant pleasure, based on your zodiac sign.

The Sex Position You Should Try, Based on Your Zodiac

We all love experimenting when it comes to sex. But what if we tell you that knowing the right sex position takes you to experience a new utmost level of satisfaction. 

1. Aries: Standing against the wall

This passionate and impulsive zodiac sign enjoys the most when it is a quickie with a twist. Whether at home, at a friend’s house, or in a public restroom, they like to have sex standing up against a wall. Pick up your partner’s feet, press against the wall, kiss passionately, and as Nike likes to say, “Just do it.”

2. Taurus: Reverse Cowgirl

Represented by a bull, if a position helps show Taurus their superiority, they will put it to use! Reverse cowgirl helps them feel that way. It gives good access, as well as the joy that comes with the feeling when they can show they are the boss. 

3. Gemini: Half arched back

In this position, you can see the face and front of your partner while your partner is sitting with their back half arched. Geminis love to see reactions, facial expressions, and even talking dirty while at it. One partner stands, and the other sits in a half-sitting position on the bed with their legs up. This position is also known as the Necklace of Venus.

4. Cancer: Spooning

Many people consider spooning a safe and a lazy position. Lay on one side, and stimulate your partner with one hand while doing it from behind. If you are interested in anal sex, this is a good position for that too.

5. Leo: Captain

Leos are confident and passionate lovers who command attention. They should try the captain’s position where the receiver lies on their back and spreads their legs in the air, and the other partner holds their calf and kneels between them.

6. Virgo: Side Saddle

This position is also known as the Aphrodite position, in which the receiver straddles the partner from the side like a side cowgirl. It is a position that helps the receiver give more pleasure while maintaining intimacy. It satisfies Virgo’s need to be a caring and thoughtful companion.

7. Libra: Missionary Variation

This position allows one partner lies on the back, and the other lies down. The arms and hands can be placed on either side of the receiver, and the rhythm of the hip movement feels like rocking the partner below. This includes lots of body contact and eye contact.

8. Scorpio: Sixty-nine

This zodiac sign loves to perform position 69 if their partner agrees with it. They like it crazy and fun, and the fact that they can explore their partner’s most important sexual organs makes this position perfect for them.

9. Sagittarius: The X mark

With this position, a Sagittarian can fulfill their go-big fantasy. If the receiver is lying on their back with their legs in the air but crosses like an x ​​in front of the giver, the G-spot gets enough action to bring the other one to orgasm. 

10. Capricorn: Straddle on the sofa

This bossy zodiac will enjoy the sitting lotus position with additional support. This position is also known as the couch straddle, Capricorns and their partners have fun, and pressure on the receiver’s back is not an issue.

11. Aquarius: The male chair

Also known as twisted amazon, the free-spirited Aquarian can have fun and avoid doing traditional, boring stuff. Here, the giver lies on the back with legs in the air. The receiver squats and sits on the giver and straddles. The only catch here is that the giver has to be flexible enough to give access to the receiver for proper penetration.

12. Pisces: Yin Yang

The symbol of this zodiac sign is already like yin and yang. This super intimate and loving zodiac loves the 69 position with a more intimate twist. Here, a partner, holding their calf, raises their legs in the air and kneels in front of the partner behind. You form a kind of box and explore the most intimate oral sex.

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