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The Dog You Should Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Dogs are man’s best companions as pets ease loneliness, relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, and provide unconditional love. They get happy when you are happy and console you when you are sad. They wait for you at home, and when you come back, they enthusiastically welcome you. 

A dog is like having a best friend who would never betray you and can even sacrifice their life to protect you. 

To find the perfect dog, matching your personality and lifestyle with the right breed is important. For example, are you a couch potato or a social butterfly? Check out this guide on which breeds are right for your constellation. 

1. Aries- Border Collies

Border Collies

Border Collies share the determination and enthusiasm of people born under Aries, and, like them, they love physical challenges. These workaholic dogs are usually good at sports that require agility. They are energetic and can quickly complete the tasks presented to them. 

2. Taurus- Boxer


Taurans like children, just like boxers. These playful dogs are patient and protective around small children. They take care of their family seriously and are comparable to Taurus. Boxers are loyal and make great long-term partners.

3. Gemini- Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has the potential to be perfect for Geminis. Family is very important to them, and Labs connects beautifully with the entire family. Additionally, Geminis like to meet new people and chat, and the lab is famous for its friendly nature. Labs are versatile, fun, and curious, just like Geminis.

4. Cancer- Rottweiler


One of Cancer’s strengths is loyalty, and Rottweilers (the big guards in the family) are a good potential match for them. Rotties are calm and watchful companions, although they can be aloof with strangers. Merely like Cancerians, Rotties form a deep bond with their close friends.

5. Leo- Chow Chow 

image (1)

Leo is the jungle king and would make a great pair with the majestic Chow Chow in its lion costume. Just like them, these sophisticated dogs are confident and dignified. The history of these dogs, dating back to ancient China, will satisfy the pride and interest in Leo’s ancestry.

6. Virgo- Bloodhound


The detail-oriented Virgo can work well with the distinctive Bloodhound. This breed gets caught in as much detail as possible when following a scent. Virgos and Bloodhounds are diligent when on the job, and using the Bloodhound to search and rescue can satisfy Virgo’s need to serve others.

7. Libra- Pomeranian


As the Libra loves company, so does the Pomeranian. They just want to provide companionship to their special someone. Libra is as outgoing with their friends as Pom poms, and both have loyal qualities. Poms also share Libra’s intellect and keen mind, making this breed easy to train.

8. Scorpio- Schipperke


The dynamic Schipperke matches Scorpio’s strength and can be a great companion for them. Like the mysterious and fierce Scorpios, these curious and mischievous pooches are never bored. An independent schipperke can be difficult to train, but an assertive and passionate Scorpio can do this job.

9. Sagittarius- Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier

The Energetic Sagittarii has endless enthusiasm and is comparable to the activity-loving Airedale Terrier. They love outdoor adventures, and the Airedale is a total athlete in all dog sports. This breed has a cheerful and friendly personality, so both of you will enjoy meeting a wide variety of people from different walks of life.

10. Capricorn- Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer

Capricorns value ​​self-control and discipline and can be successfully combined with the Giant Schnauzer. They are both highly intelligent, and Capricorn is up to the challenge of training and socializing this large territorial dog. Giant Schnauzers take life as seriously as Capricorns, and their loyalty makes them excellent watchdogs.

11. Aquarius- Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers share the Aquarians energetic outlook on the love of life and fun and maintain a puppy-like attitude until they grow up. Goldens enjoy serving people. Not only do they work as service dogs, but they also make excellent therapy dogs that appeal to the humanitarian Aquarius.

12. Pisces- Chihuahua


Chihuahuas are loyal dogs devoted to their owners, sharing the intuitive and empathic way of Pisces and sensing their emotions even before they do. Communication with loved ones is key for Chihuahuas. That is why they only like one-on-one time in their owner’s lap.

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