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What Numbers Say About Senses and Human Body: According To Numerology

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The human acts by the Mind and Body as well as the Soul. Each part of the human body governs by the number and its vibration.

Main body parts can be read through divine science of numbers one (1) to nine (9) and the mission and vision of the human can be seen by shadow numbers four (4) and seven (7) respectively:

Number – 1, Sun – Touch (Skin):

When we touch something or someone, the skin comports with pressure and vibration. That signal goes to the brain for understanding the significance of that touch. Normally the skin has three layers i.e. outer, middle, and inner, which are able to detect sensations through the brain. Likewise, number-1, the planet Sun, denotes independent thought of action and decision-making power with masculine care and creative ideas such as leadership, and innovation.

Number – 2, Moon – Oral (Talking):

The ability of talking is an actual combined work of lips, throat, tongue, and teeth, etc. This combination makes the pleasant, emotional, artistic, and psychic behavior by the receptor of signal towards the brain. Likewise, number-2, the planet Moon, denotes duality, co-operative and friendly nature with femininity.

Number – 3, Jupiter – Ear (Hearing):

When we hear the waves in the air, the chemical reaction of ear fluid transforms the waves into sound/ beat to listen by the tunnels of the ear. Likewise, number-3, the planet Jupiter, represents the wisdom, listening power of authority, and justice with masculine responsibility.

Number – 5, Mercury – Nose (Motion / Smell):


When we inhale the air through our nose, some chemical reaction in the nasal cavity and brain reflects the smell in the nose through that receptor. Likewise, number-5, the planet Mercury, represents our motion, quickness, and the power of balancing. It denotes the respiratory system of the human body.

Number – 6, Venus – Tongue (Taste):

When we eat some food or drink some liquid, the chemical reactions come to the papillae of the tongue and the brain reflects the taste on the tongue through that signal. Likewise, number-6, the planet Venus, represents our inner feelings, caring, love, romance, luxury, and choice i.e. the taste of femininity on the principle of gestation.

Number – 8, Saturn – Hands & Legs (Workaholic):

The physical work is being done by hands and legs. Likewise, number-8, the planet Saturn, represents hardship and struggle. The health of the human body and soul depends on acts done by it. This chemical reaction can transform human life through the universal abundance of health and wealth towards the brain.

Number – 9, Mars – Eyes (Sight / Image):


The eye retina sends the images through photoreceptor cells toward the brain and we are able to interpret the image. Likewise, number-9, the planet Mars, represents the genuine, active, responsible, and sensitive authority with masculinity and humanity.

Number – 4, Uranus & 7, Neptune – Mission and Vision:

These two planets are a shadow of the Sun and Moon, and represent the whole structure of the mind, body, and soul of a human being.

Likewise number-4, Uranus represents the disciplined enthusiastic determination of strategic planning to do the acts, while number-7,

Neptune denotes deep divine austerity and intellectual intelligence to understand the facts. This combination of faithful courage and a stable foundation are the base to make a clear vision and mission with farsightedness.

Every number matters, need to understand the communication amongst numbers.

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