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What Troubles Leo Sun Sign the Most?

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The most generous people I know are Leos. Extroverted and playful, it’s always a good time to have Leos around. Similar to the Sun being the center of our galaxy, they’re warm, confident, bright attention-getters who can easily take the role at the center of any room; comfortable with people surrounding and revolving around them. Great leaders who take pride in their domain, these lions protect their family, friends, businesses, and everything they consider to be theirs.

With their charisma, talent, and leadership there are many things to love about Leos. That said, nobody’s perfect. Even these fierce lions face roadblocks from time to time. Here are some difficulties any Leo sun sign faces:

Being Self-absorbed


Leos are great and these guys know it! With all that excellence, they’re bound to impress not just me and you but also themselves. Leos know that it’s important to take care of yourself and do your thing.

They have a great sense of self, and they know they’re a joy to be around but sometimes they miss out on what other people need, want, and feel. They get so stuck on themselves that they tend to overlook everyone around them.

They have trouble remembering that the wants, needs, and feelings of others are as important as that of their own.

They sometimes forget to look around and understand what their enthralled audience requires. Leos always take into account their thoughts and feelings, interests, and situation. Their ego is very important to them.

This doesn’t mean that they’re bad people. They’re not a bad partner, family member, or friend. On the contrary! They’re loyal, dependable, and generous as long as they take the time to get to know you and what you need. In fact, they’re wonderful listeners who give sound advice and guidance.

Once they get past themselves and see you, they’re an ally you’d be grateful to have.

Being Bossy/ Difficulty Letting Others Lead

woman bossy

Leos are natural-born leaders. They’re creative, enthusiastic, and inspiring; they’re at ease being the center of attention, and love taking charge of any situation. In addition, they’re action-oriented and brimming with ideas. It’s always a pleasure working with these passionate lions.

The downside is their inability to let go of the spotlight. Leos have a difficult time being a supporting character instead of being the lead. They don’t like being ordered to do things and following others. They’re so used to taking charge that they forget the importance of being a team player. They have trouble with sharing burdens and credits with other people.

Whenever working with Leos, expect them to try and take the reins. They can be demanding but they’re very motivated. They don’t just talk; they do the work.

Yes, there will be times when dealing with Leos are tough but let them know that following others doesn’t mean they can’t be of help. Sometimes they just need to hear that sharing the spotlight doesn’t mean losing it. Letting others lead doesn’t make them any less of a leader.

Splurging Too Much/ Always Showing Off

Leos are generous. There’s no doubt about it. They won’t hesitate to share what they have with those they hold dear. Whether it’s their time, resources, or skills they gladly let you have what you need from them. They love helping others while also showing off what they’re capable of.

They have a flair for the dramatics and enjoy doing things at a grand scale. Not only do they enjoy high-priced luxuries, but they also love having people know about them. Leos won’t hesitate to tell you about their vacation, their possessions, and their achievements. Whatever it is that they’re proud of, they’d surely let you know.

Leos tend to foot the bill. Whether they should or shouldn’t is out of the question. They’re very kind but are prone to spending too much. There are times they would live in lavishness even at the cost of being in debt.

Listen to them and show interest in what they want to tell and they’d surely appreciate you. Acknowledge their generosity but also let them know that they are worth more than what they can give you.

Having a Fragile Ego

As difficult as it is to picture these powerful lions getting hurt by unflattering remarks, they tend to easily get offended whenever their egos are at risk. Though they seem to always be self-assured, Leos need to constantly be recognized; they need to hear how great they are, how well their work is going, and how important they are.

Given how vital their ego is, it is crucial that their efforts are always noticed and pointed out. They love being flattered and knowing that they’re special; they delight in having their ego stroked, and in being fed compliments. Leos need you to know their strengths, their talents, and their achievements.  

Be vocal! In the case of Leos, actions aren’t louder than words. You need to let them know how much you appreciate them and assure them whenever they’re doing a fantastic job. 


Like any other zodiac sign, Leos have many positive and negative traits. They have troubles they need to face and battles they need to fight. Like the Sun, Leos can pull you in and make you part of their orbit. We need to remind them that even though the Sun is at the center of the galaxy, it’s not the center of the universe. 

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