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If Your Guy Shows These 7 Signs, Marry Him

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Has this wedding season tickled the bride in you and got you wondering if your boyfriend might be your future husband? 

There is no universal formula when it comes to dating and marriage. Every journey from dating to marriage is different and unique in its own way. What worked for your mother or friend may or may not work for you.

There are, however, a few signs that may indicate that you have found your Mr.Right. So, if you are hopelessly in love but can’t decide whether you should tie the knot or (k)not, take a look at these signs; after all, it isn’t just about the wedding; it is about the marriage.

1. You Have Contrasting Personalities

Being with someone exactly like you might sound good in theory, but in reality, it is boring, and believe it or not, it is also a little tiresome. If you are someone who has difficulty talking about feelings, and you choose a partner who is exactly like you, he too will feel awkward bringing up the subject. And as we all know, a relationship with a communication barrier is destined to be doomed. This doesn’t mean you two should not have anything in common, but your differences should complement each other, like competitive Monica and easy-going Chandler.

As an added benefit, if you and your partner have some different interests, you’ll get to explore other things out of your comfort zone with him. 

2. He Is Your Go-To Person 

Ups and downs are a part of life. Whatever the situation, we always need someone with whom we can celebrate our wins and share our sorrows. Be it a promotion at work or a stupid fight with your sister; if your man is the first person you call, it means you know he will always be there for you. This shows that you can rely on him, and reliable, responsible men make the best husbands. 

3. You Can Be Filter-less With Him

This is the era of filters, and they are no longer limited to only social media. People wear filters all the time, sometimes to deceive others and sometimes to protect themselves. But honesty is paramount for a successful marriage. You should be able to let your hair down when you are with him. You shouldn’t need to worry about your looks or constantly watch your mouth around him. If he almost feels like home, it’s a sure sign that he is the one. 

4. He Is Baggage Free

We all have a past. People go through some, if not many, dates before finding their perfect match. Although, if your partner keeps bringing up his ex-girlfriends or, worse, goes to them to rant about you whenever you both have a fight, it makes the relationship toxic. It is better to move on from such a relationship. But if you have found the guy who has released all the emotional baggage from past relationships, don’t let him go. He has a clean slate, so there are no reminiscents of his breakups to bother you both. 

5. He Not Only Listens But Hears To You

Guys are infamous for being lousy listeners, while we girls love to talk our hearts out. If he pays attention when you talk and is genuinely interested in knowing how your day went, it shows he cares about you. If he puts his listening ears on whenever you talk about challenges at the workplace or the fun you had at an outing with your friends, treasure him because guys like this are hard to find. 

6. He Respects Your Boundaries

Boundaries make and break relationships. Being with someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries can get suffocating. But your Mr. Right will regularly respect your non-negotiables and ask you about your boundaries. This also shows that he is secure and grounded as a person, and marrying a strong, stable man will make the journey a little easy for you both.

7. He’ll Love You Either Way

Our body goes through enormous changes with time. We gain and lose weight, get wrinkles and stretch marks on the once smooth skin, and fall too sick to even bathe sometimes. These are inevitable things that might make a person look less sexually attractive. Therefore, it’s important to marry someone who loves you the way you are and not just for your physical beauty. If he has proven that he loves you, regardless of the situation, it means he is planning the future with you. As said, “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.”


Marriages are not made in heaven. People meet on earth and work hard to make their relationships work. While big gestures matter in marriage, small actions make the real difference.

Look out for these small gestures and habits in your partner before making the right decision. But in the end, go with your heart because the heart doesn’t lie. 

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