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10 Absolute Home Decorating Essentials and How to Arrange Them

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It’s always extraordinary how many details can define a home. Accessories that people usually take for granted can have a huge impact on the overall interior design. They can show you the hidden beauties of your space or, if not careful; they can break it.

Even the price tag on accessories is not what will determine their value to the décor, but rather their integration into the scene. Just check out these home decorating essentials that will show you tricks on how to arrange them the right way.      

1. Cozy up the seating area

Your seating area is the spot where you will probably spend a lot of your time, alone or with loved ones. Cozy it up with a throw blanket you can use to cover up when napping or simply to keep there as a decoration. A few cushions will truly warm up the sofa, making it look comfortable and attractive. 

Candles on the coffee table can appeal to eyes and sense of smell with calming scents and soothing light. A simple but impactful detail, like a golden bowl or disproportionate vase, can serve as a central piece that won’t swallow up the décor. This way, you will reinvent your seating area without the new furniture and breaking the bank.  

2. Lighten up with floral details

10 Absolute Home Decorating Essentials and How to Arrange Them

Floral details are perfect for waking up the room and create a more cheerful atmosphere. If you are not sure flowers are your thing, do something small, like placing a bouquet in the hallway by the door. Drapes with big flowers are a great decoration for the windows, making them pop and come to life. 

Potted flowers in the planters on the windowsill on the outside can brighten up the view from the inside. For a big floral statement, opt for the armchair with flowery details that will simply invite you to sit down and rest. If you feel especially bold, add floral wallpaper to at least one wall or bathroom to bring excitement to a monotone space.  

3. Balance the décor with art

Art is more than a painting you will hang on your walls. Choosing the right piece for your home may be the only thing for the décor to shine. Take a good look at your space and figure out the best way to put artwork on display. Sometimes, updating a frame on the painting can be enough or coming up with a different spot for the same art. 

Visit yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets since it’s a good chance you will find an interesting art there. An unusually shaped fruit bowl or antique dining table can also be considered as art if they have an engaging charm. Glass murals above the front door or in the bathroom are a bold statement that can give that ‘wow’ factor to your home.

4. Add a comfy chair

10 Absolute Home Decorating Essentials and How to Arrange Them

A comfy chair can warm-up space, especially if you place it to stand alone, independently of the seating area. By the window, it will be an ideal spot to read or have a coffee in the morning while enjoying the view. If you have a fireplace, the classic design style of two chairs facing the fire will bring sophistication and luxury to the room. 

While it may sound unusual, adding a lounge chair to your bathroom can make it even more serene and relaxing. Also, pay attention to your chair’s materials, patterns, and color since they can help it stand out, fit in, or turn into an unwanted accessory of your décor.  

5. Embrace the natural light

Natural light is an absolute home decorating essential that can open up the room and even completely change the way you feel about it. Adding more windows can be expensive and sometimes not possible, so you have to trick more light into your home. Mirrors are perfect décor pieces that can help spread the light all over the room and even make the space bigger.

Instead of hanging them on the wall, you can use furniture and accessories that have mirrored surfaces. Glass cabinets, accent coffee table, and metallic decorations, like wall plates, bowls, and vases can also bounce the light around. Full-spectrum light bulbs can simulate the daylight and are great solutions for poorly lit areas. 

6. Opt for double duty mirrors

A double-duty mirror is a great solution for small spaces or to add a chic element to the home. You can place it in the hallway to check out your look and to serve as a hanging space for hats, scarfs, and bags. In a bathroom, it can be a towel rack and a decorative side mirror that will add luxury and spa-like features to the room. 

If you are looking for an interesting way to introduce a mirror to your living area, look no further. A double-duty mirror is perfect for any interior design style. It can even serve to hang plants, string lights, or photos. 

7. Freshen up your walls

Changing the wall color can dramatically enhance your space, so you don’t have to change anything else at all. When choosing the palette, go for tones that will work well with your existing furniture, floors, and style. Neutral and pastel colors are always the safest choice, but don’t be afraid to add some flair to the room.

Paint one color in the bold shade that will allow that area to stand out from the rest of the room. Try patterns, like geometrical shapes or your DIY idea, using a cardboard model. Adding texture during painting is not hard, and all you need is a whisk broom, roller, or wall stickers.      

8. Liven up your home with greenery 

10 Absolute Home Decorating Essentials and How to Arrange Them

Nature is essential for interior design since humans depend on it for inspiration, mood, and survival. Plants are the most common way to introduce greenery to your space and bring life into it. Big leafy plants in the corner are the classic touch that adds refinement and grace to the room.

If you want to make your home office more comfortable, try hanging plants that won’t take a lot of space but are perfect to rest the eyes from the computer screen. An orchid on the vanity will give a polished and tasteful appeal to your bathroom, while a lush parlor palm by the bathtub will create a relaxing oasis.

9. Redefine the entryway  

From the outside, your entryway is the first thing guests will notice. It is also what will make you feel welcome when you come home. With only a few decorating tricks, you can completely change the look of your front door area inside and out. Just by choosing new doormats, you will give a fresh look to your entryway, not to mention how much adding a knocker or repainting the door can do. 

Add some potted plants by the entrance or on the steps, like marigolds and sweet alyssum. Their flowers will bring colors and fragrances to your door, making it more inviting. A lantern over the entrance will be comfortable enough to leave on during the night and make the entryway homey.    

10. Decorate the floors

A rug can do a lot for space, but it can also suffocate the room’s flow. When you decide on a rug, choose a model that will bring something special and unique into your home. Minimalist design style can greatly benefit from the patterned rug that will serve as an accent point. 

Persian rug can add grandeur to the bathroom and make it more glamorous. If you have a large space to cover, try layering it with several rugs throwing them on top of each other. It will not only make an interesting display but also bring lavishness and extravagance to the flooring. 

The bottom line

It may not seem like much, but these home decorating essentials can change the way you experience your living space. Some, like adding a vase or cushions, may require little time, while others can take a day or two to finish, like painting the walls. Nonetheless, they will turn your home into your favorite place in the world where you feel like yourself and safe from the world.

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