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14 Ways to Add an Area Rug for a Modern Living Room

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Rugs are extremely functional, but their purpose in a living room goes far beyond their functionality. The perfect rug can help create a modern appeal to a room, or truly bring a room together. They can make a statement or be used to create a certain vibe in a room. These modern living room rug ideas are going to help you achieve the look you want in your living room. 

1. Bright Colors Add A Burst Of Energy

Carefully place a rug with a bright, bold pattern under the coffee table to help create a happy, energetic feel in the room. This rug will serve as a statement piece, making it the perfect idea for a living room that is primarily a neutral color or lacks personality. 

2. Match The Rug And Accent Colors 

As a general rule of thumb, a modern rug should have the same color scheme as the rest of the room. For example, if a room has earthy tones of brown and green, a rug should have the same colors. They don’t have to be the exact shade that is used in the room, but they should be close. Don’t try to combine a muted, earthy green with neon green. 

3. Use Solid Colors To Add Pops Of Color

There’s nothing wrong with using a brighter color to create a bright living room with modern appeal! Keep your floor plan in mind, and add in a small rug in a vivid color to create a beautiful, modern living room. 

4. Make A Neutral Living Room Pop With White

White is a versatile color that complements every color palette. It will pair well with complementary colors in dark shades as well as lighter colors. White instantly adds a modern appeal to a living room! 

Create calm in busy spaces with a simple white rug. Consider a wool rug that has subtle patterns with both white and the paint color used on the walls to add a modern splash of color to the room. White wool rugs are ideal for neutral spaces as well. 

5. Modern Decor Styles Call For Modern Patterns

While medallion patterns can be beautiful, they usually have old-world vibes. Instead, opt for a large rug made of natural fiber to slide under the legs of sofas. Geometric patterns often add a modern touch to any room. Polka dots, stripes, and wavy patterns are other popular patterns that will pair well with modern living rooms. Browse through a popular rug company in San Francisco to find the perfect modern patterns. 

6. Drape Animal Skin Rugs Over Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are rarely used, making them the perfect solution for homeowners that are wondering where to put these beautiful rugs! Simply lay them over the back of the chair to add a pop of style without risking them being damaged in high-traffic areas. 

7. Black And White Stripes Add More Dimension To A Room

When in doubt, neutral colors like black and white are always a great idea. Select a rug made from natural fiber with wide stripes to instantly add more depth to a room while creating the illusion of more space. 

8. Add Gold Accents To Create A Lovely Living Room

Most color palettes coordinate well with metallics like gold and silver. Create an elegant appeal by adding a rug with gold accents to a living room with natural tones. Add a stylish appeal to earthy, natural-toned rooms with a rug that features gold in the pattern. Make a room instantly appear fashionable with a small gold accent rug underneath the coffee table or accent furniture. 

9. Nautical Navy Blue

Navy blue adds a modern twist to a beach-inspired living room. It creates a nice contrast to other blues, such as sky blue, that are usually found in a lovely living room with this theme. Opt for a white and navy blue striped rug to maintain the modern style that you’re going for. 

10. Match The Paint In The Living Room

Coordinate beautiful living room paint with the living room rug to truly bring the entire living room together. This helps create a cohesive feel in the attractive living room that will instantly make guests feel welcomed. 

When using living room ideas like this one, make sure that the rug does not stretch from wall to wall. In colored living rooms, such as a blue living room, this will create too much blue, which can be overwhelming. Instead, leave at least one inch of the floor visible on all sides of the rug. Small area rugs can be placed under the coffee table or couch, too. 

11. Place Rugs Under Primary Furniture

Primary furniture consists of the main pieces of furniture that are used in the room. This consists of the couch, chairs, coffee table, and possibly the entertainment center. It’s common to place large area rugs under these pieces of furniture to bring the room together. 

12. Pair Metallics And White With Black Decor

Creating contrast using specific colors is the perfect way to give any room a modern appeal. Black decor calls for white or metallic colored rugs placed underneath it. This creates a luxurious modern look that says both elegant and classy. 

13. Avoid Busy Patterns Around A Lot Of Decor

Living rooms that are packed with amazing furniture and decor look cozy, but a rug with a busy pattern can instantly transform cozy into chaotic. Instead, stick with simple patterns of straight lines or solid rugs to help the room appear more modern instead of creating a cluttered space. 

14. Place Rugs At An Angle

A simple twist on a classic rug can help create a modern decorating scheme! Instead of following the traditional rules of rug placement, place rugs at an angle. Use a large area rug and put it underneath half of the couch instead of the entire sofa. Put a square rug diagonally underneath a square table. These simple adjustments simultaneously create a focal point in the room while giving it a stylish appeal. 

Transforming a simple living room into a modern masterpiece is as easy as finding the perfect rug to complement your space. Check out the rest of our blogs to discover more amazing decorating tips! 

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