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How To Get That Traditional Look in Your Home?

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The term traditional interior design brings to mind images of a home designed with classic furniture pieces, walls in the colors of earthy tones, and coffee tables strewn with antique pieces. However, traditional home is much more than that. 

Although the decor and furniture may have a classic look, traditional home is a place that offers lasting style and appeal. Think of patterns that never go out of style, quality materials that stand the test of time, furniture with tried-and-true silhouettes, and colors that blend with any decor. 

One of the most popular design styles for homes, the traditional style is a combination of design elements from various centuries that provides elegance and comfort at the same time. Checkered tiles or wood floors help to make the space even more personal, glazed doors give character to the room, and column radiators make a vintage statement to provide a classic look to your home.

However, incorporating traditional interior design into your home can be pretty difficult. To help you with that, we have listed top designer recommendations to help you create a relaxing, warm, and timeless aesthetic in your home.

What Is Traditional Interior Design?

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The traditional design is not about any particular trend, era, or design movement. A combination of classic design, casual decor, and comfortable furniture, this popular and enduring design style offers comfort and calmness while paying homage to past eras and design movements. 

Although this style may sometimes feel formal, it is more about a fresh, stylish, curated, and symmetrical look. This means traditional interiors are not rigid; they are designed with flexibility and versatility and can be changed seamlessly over time.

The following easy tips can help you give a traditional look to your home in no time:   

1. Choose Neutral Tones

If you want to create a traditional design aesthetic in your home, it is best to stick to a neutral color palette. Neutral hues work with any furniture style and look elegant with different design elements. White or wood tones for walls and floor finishes carry this neutral approach. You can incorporate bright colors in the form of rugs, pillows, and drapery to give your room a lively look.      

2. Use Furniture With Clean Lines

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Invest in furniture with simple forms because such pieces always stay in style. Tables, upholstered seating, and other furniture such as cabinets and showcases designed with clean lines never go out of style. Their minimalistic design gives the room a unique and sophisticated look that works well with various decor ideas.

3. Opt for Classic Silhouettes

It is hard to go wrong with furniture that has a traditional or classic silhouette. Pieces such as a farmhouse dining table, ottoman coffee table, wing-back chairs, and a tufted sofa are timeless, and they never go out of style. 

Think symmetry when arranging the furniture to create a restful and balanced look – perfect for spending some family time together.  

In addition to using traditional wooden furniture, you can add the same style of wood molding around windows, doors, and baseboards. This will help bring glamour and a sense of history to your home. 

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4. Work With Traditional Patterns

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Classic patterns such as plaid, toile, gingham, damask, and stripes provide a traditional look to your home. Designers have used these patterns for years since they never go out of style. The best way to use these patterns is by adding them through accents, which allows them to stand out without being formal or overly refined.

5. Avoid Following Trends

Trends can give your home a fashionable look. They are fun and can completely change the look of your home, but they are typically the opposite of traditional. When going for a classic look, it’s best to avoid the structure-like floor lamp or that edgy industrial side chair, as they may feel dated over time. 

However, this does not mean that you cannot play with trends. You can add small touches here and here, such as a contemporary art piece or a pillow with a stylish pattern, which you can then replace with some other trendy piece after some time. 

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6. Look For Quality Pieces

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Durable pieces constructed from high-quality materials that can stand the test of time are the best option for creating a traditional look. Your furnishings don’t need to be investment pieces, but they should be made with exceptional craftsmanship and designs that stand out. 

It could be a handwoven rug, a handcrafted wooden desk, or a tightly upholstered sofa. Compared to trendy pieces, high-quality furnishings can last for years.

7. Keep Your Technology Hidden

In traditional interiors, the primary focus is on furniture and decor. So, it is better to avoid putting electronic items in the center of the room. Use a media cabinet if you can to put stereos, television, speakers, and wires as a way to keep them hidden from sight. This will allow you to enjoy watching movies with your family or listening to music while ensuring a traditional look for your home.   

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8. Printed Curtains

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Having printed curtains on your windows is another thing you can do to give your home a traditional look. You can also match the curtain prints with your wall prints to give the room a striking look. Or you can use curtains available in warm colors that are typically associated with sun and fire, as they make the room more cozy and comfortable. 


A traditional look is bound to make your home more warm and welcoming. But if you want to create a truly traditional space and one that you are going to love for years to come, don’t let your choices be swayed by what influencers, Pinterest, or magazines say about on-trend. 

Follow your instinct in choosing the furniture and accessories that you absolutely love, and you’ll have a space that you will love spending time in for years to come. 

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