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Bring your Culture Home Through Interior Design

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You’re proud of your cultural background. Why not try to bring elements of it into your home as a celebration of your heritage? You need some planning and some search for pieces to create a unique environment that feels just like home, even though you’re a few thousand miles away. Adding culture to your interior design will help you feel connected to your roots and strengthen your family bonds

Part of being in a community has cultural diversity within it. Use your ethnic heritage as an inspiration for your décor. This way, you can share your culture with your family and others.

If you have roommates from different backgrounds, you can incorporate parts of your individual cultures and create a unique design of different heritages. These design elements are a great way to pay tribute to the history that made your family today. 

Your culture may be a mixture from your ancestors, or clearly defined. Maybe you personally identify with the culture from a place you’ve visited. It’s up to you to decide on how you portray your heritage.  

Having around sights, sounds, or scents of your culture can help you feel better when homesick. There are times, we can feel alone when we’re far away from our home. Having items that are familiar to you can help you feel more comfortable. 

Arranging cultural elements in your home or room is a great way to start conversations with family and friends. This way, you can introduce them to things that are unique to you.

We created a guide to inspire you into bringing your culture home. 

How to Celebrate Your Culture at Home

Bring your Culture Home Through Interior Design

There’s no better place to show your heritage than on your home walls. Add some elements like tapestries, photos, art, furniture, or lights. Every room of your home can have a little something to show your culture. 

Play with colors, textures, patterns, and materials in honor of your family’s past. You can paint your home’s walls in the traditional colors of your home country or your favorite room from back home.

Your family can have a mixture of cultures, and there’s always a way to incorporate them all within your home. Integrating cultures, customs, and traditions can help your loved ones keep in touch with their backgrounds while learning and appreciating others, creating meaningful memories. 

Incorporate Ethnic and Cultural Elements to your Décor 

Bring your Culture Home Through Interior Design

It’s up to you to design your living space around your heritage or incorporate smaller ethnic elements. Don’t worry if not every single detail is not really from your culture. You can blend your present décor with some cultural finds, creating an eclectic look. 

You can combine your own style with some cultural décor. Try adding a piece of home country furniture or a tapestry above the sofa. Remember to find a common thread to pull your space together, combine colors, patterns, and scales of size.

Don’t feel that you have to transform your home overnight. You can start by adding a piece and moving it around until you really like the turnout. You can always try different combinations and take risks to change the ambiance of your space. 

The internet and home décor magazines are your best friends to find inspiration. Shop import or look through thrift stores and flea markets to find those pieces to make your room complete. 

Focal points are essential and can make your culturally influenced piece look great. If the article is large, pair it with smaller elements. You don’t want your room to look busy and all over the place.

Decorative Fabrics

Adding rugs, blankets, or wall accents like tapestries can bring a beautiful accent to your space. Drape an ethnic fabric across the back of a chair or sofa or use it as a dining room table runner for a unique touch.

Rugs can be part of multiple cultures and be as popular in modern-day rooms as they were thousands of years ago. Center a piece of furniture on an eye-catching rug, or use one as a smaller accent piece that protects your floor while adding a cultural element.

Elements such as tapestries, wall hangings, and throw blankets are great ways to add a touch of color and pattern while making reference to your family’s culture. You can also find some heritage-inspired embroidered or patterned throw pillows for sofas, beds, or outdoor furniture.

Wall Art

Wall art décor is a fantastic way to show both your personality and culture. Try grouping framed photos of a trip abroad or paintings that portray your ancestors. This is also a great way to start a fun family project, asking your family members to make an art piece of how they perceive their heritage. This way, the walls of any room can become a gallery space.


Bring your Culture Home Through Interior Design

Introduce some cultural background to any room with furniture elements. Ask family members whether they have any pieces that they’re willing to part with. These furnishings have an added family history to cherish, and you can always dress them up with some modern touches.

Scents, Plants, and Flowers

plants for home decor

There’s nothing like familiar scents to bring back memories that will put a smile on your face. A smell can take you back to any moment in your life. Look for candles whose scents take you back to your homes or a fantastic trip you had. Lighting one will be like going to the past.

Think about adding plants or flowers to your home, that may be native to where you’re from or remind you of your childhood. 



Listening to music from your own culture can be an excellent way to recall many beautiful memories. You already have your musical taste but look for artists from before your time who was the foundation for today’s music. If you’re feeling homesick, put on some music and surround you with emotion, rhythm, and dance.

Traditional Dishes

kitchen home decor

One tasty way to help with homesickness and keep your heritage alive is to cook family recipes that remind you of home. There’s nothing like those familiar smells from the oven or stovetop, and the anticipation of those flavors so dear to your taste buds.

This is a great moment to invite friends and family over to share your traditional cuisine. Sharing your cooking is a meaningful way to introduce others to your culture.

Sharing Customs

Read your favorite childhood book or watch your favorite movie or TV show. Just relax and enjoy the memories those familiar activities bring to you.

Play traditional board games or other activities that are popular in your culture with your friends and family. Showing others, a new skill or game is a great bonding opportunity and a fun, engaging way to share customs.

Display Your Culture Proudly

Exhibiting your culture adds a uniqueness to your home decor and life while sharing your family’s customs and traditions and keeping your cultural background alive. Create your own cultural haven at home, the perfect place to relax as you admire your past while enjoying the present.

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