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8 Ways To Get a Guy Attention on Instagram

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Welcome to the Instagram era! A gateway to the hearts of many hot guys.

This is 2022, where dating on Instagram is on the high verge. It’s an app that really widens the spectrum of guys, which you might date.

But, the one question that stumbles most of the time, among ladies, is how do I get my crush’s attention on Instagram? Worry not, because this article will reveal the secrets that may help you get your guy’s attention on Instagram.

So, without further ado? Let’s get started!!!

1. Take cute pictures, also put them as your story:

Girl, you’re cute! You don’t have to hide your face or to post a picture of your sexy abs to grab the man’s attention. According to studies, images with faces do exponentially better than photos that don’t have faces in them. Does it make sense to you? This generation wants to know who they’re talking to, so showing the face WORKS. And guys, definitely love to see cute faces.

2. Write funny captions:

This is another option for the captions that work most of the time. Just be curious. Guys love the girls who make them laugh. Show your funny, naughty side, and let the guy slide over to your DM.

3. Try intriguing quotes:

Not every time you have to seek Pinterest to find a profound quote to put yourself as a caption for your Instagram photos. Trust me, and if you want to grab attention, you need to be flirty and saucy. Write something created by you; let the guy know how creative you are. Write flirty captions in a way that makes him message you. 

4. Comment on his picture with intention:

What if you comment on his image with just an emoji? It looks like spam, and he doesn’t even bother to reply. But what if you post a sweet comment with an emoji? Comment something good, which makes him respond to your message also if his reply is “Thanks”!

If you want a hot guy to notice you, comment something attention-grabbing, not “OMG, you’re so hot.”

5. Like an old picture:

Scroll down to the bottom of his Instagram page and like an old picture of him. This will bring it up in his feed and show you scrolled to find this photo. But be careful, he can take this in two ways, 1) he might think you are crazy and funny 2) might get a clue you’re showing interest in him. Hence, proceed with caution, I know, you can pull this off. GO, GIRL!

6. Respond to stories:

One excellent way to grab a man’s attention is to respond to their stories. But again, do this purposely. If they have uploaded a story of your neighborhood cafe/coffee shop, instead of answering “hey cutie” start like this, “hey, how often you go here, I can suggest which beverage to have or nearby places to roam around.” Who knows a conversation that starts in cafes might end up with romantic date nights.

7. Don’t post too often:

No girl can resist posting cute pictures on Instagram, whether they are posting four in a day or three. But, grabbing attention, slow down. If you post regularly, he might get tired of seeing you. Even worse, they can unfollow you.

The best is, don’t upload pictures too often, post once a week. With this, he will be excited when you post and also make him think you just couldn’t be bothered to post on Instagram.

8. Slide into his DM’s:

We are not in the 18th century, so you don’t have to wait for years for the guy to come to you. You are bold enough to message him first.

Text him about his recent post. Tell him how cute and adorable you found him. This is a surefire way to get noticed and might be; maybe he is also wondering the same about you!

Now you know how to grab a guy’s attention on Instagram. Go out there and get yourself a date, girlfriend. GO, GO, GO.

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