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36 Inspirational Quotes By Deepika Padukone

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Who is Deepika Padukone?

Deepika Padukone is an Indian movie actress. She was a national-level badminton player until she gave up the sport at the age of 16 to pursue her love for acting. She has been featured in the media as one of India’s most popular and attractive personalities.

She began her career as a model, then later on in 2008, the actor made her debut with Farah Khan’s directorial Om Shanti Om, which also starred Shah Rukh Khan. 

Achievements of Deepika Padukone

Deepika is one of the highest-paid actresses in the Bollywood Industry. She has received many awards like three Filmfare Awards, three IIFA, two Producers Guild Film Awards, nine Screen Awards, three Stardust Awards, and six Zee Cine Awards.

Deepika Padukone’s inspirational quotes are powerful enough to inspire you to achieve the goal in your life. She has mentioned her struggle, depression, and hard work that has helped her to ace the race of this life and reach where she is today.

Below is our collection of Deepika Padukone inspirational quotes and sayings that will lighten your day.

Inspiring Quotes By Deepika Padukone

“I meditate. I breathe out what I can’t control and focus on the positives.” ― Deepika Padukone

I have fought my own battle with depression, and it was important for me to bring a little awareness about it to others.” ― Deepika Padukone

Quotes By Deepika Padukone

“The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest.” ― Deepika Padukone

“I am a big foodie, so much so that I eat every half an hour. This is the secret of my glowing skin.” ― Deepika Padukone

“I am someone who can’t hold on to negativity or hold on to grudges, I might feel something at a certain point, but I get tired after that. I don’t carry it with me, I forgive and forget very easily, and that’s the only way to be happy and peaceful.” ― Deepika Padukone

The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest.” ― Deepika Padukone

Quotes By Deepika Padukone

“I’m a strong believer in the fact that women are born to multi-task. God has made us like that.” ― Deepika Padukone

Success Quotes By Deepika Padukone

“I think the challenge is to keep working harder and doing better.” ― Deepika Padukone

Maybe because I am from a sports background, I don’t give up easily. I am a fighter.” ― Deepika Padukone

Quotes By Deepika Padukone

“Comfort is of great importance to me. I really want to encourage girls to dress in whatever they feel comfortable in and not get bogged down by fashion trends.” ― Deepika Padukone

“I don’t think you need any kind of backing here in the industry. I think what you achieve in your life is the result of your own talent and hard work.” ― Deepika Padukone

“Preparation is definitely important, but it depends on the kinds of roles I do.” ― Deepika Padukone

“You need to feel like you’re wearing the clothes, and they’re not wearing you.” ― Deepika Padukone

Quotes By Deepika Padukone

“I believe chemistry is based on the trust between two performers.” ― Deepika Padukone

“I am methodical to the point of being obsessive-compulsive. And I have always been good at multi-tasking.” ― Deepika Padukone

“I don’t compete with others; I compete with myself.” ― Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone Quotes on Parents

My parents have been very supportive, in fact, it was my mother who identified that what I was going through was actually depression.” ― Deepika Padukone

Quotes By Deepika Padukone

“My parents worry all the time because I trust people very easily.” ― Deepika Padukone

“My parents never raised their hands or fired me. Their way of disciplining me was to tell me what is right or wrong.” ― Deepika Padukone

“My family and friends never let me feel as if something was wrong with me. They made me feel that what I was going through was okay. They supported my decision to take medication for depression.” ― Deepika Padukone

Relationship Quotes By Deepika Padukone

“I need to be loved, I need to be nurtured, I also need peace and stability in my relationships. I can’t be in volatile relationships.” ― Deepika Padukone

Loyalty is a very important factor for me, and I need to be in a relationship where the person will complete me and fill me up.” ― Deepika Padukone

“There are all kinds of relationships, all kinds of equations.” ― Deepika Padukone

“I’ve not been in a live-in relationship. But I’ve been exposed to various kinds of equations that can exist between people.” ― Deepika Padukone

“I’ll only move in with my husband. There’s no question of a live-in relationship.” ― Deepika Padukone

Motivational Quotes By Deepika Padukone

“It takes a lot of strength to mend a broken heart. Channelizing energies into your work helps, but also to be able to accept situations for what they are instead of questioning them helps immensely.” ― Deepika Padukone

It’s good to be on the edge, but I have never followed my mind. I have always followed my heart. And it has yielded the right results.” ― Deepika Padukone

Quotes By Deepika Padukone

“I am now working on an initiative to create awareness about anxiety and depression and help people.” ― Deepika Padukone

“Being sad and being depressed are two different things. Also, people going through depression don’t look so, while someone sad will look sad.” ― Deepika Padukone

“It’s good to be slightly ambitious, but I believe one shouldn’t be too calculative.” ― Deepika Padukone

“I see people suffering from mental health, and their families feel a sense of shame about it, which doesn’t help. One needs support and understanding.” ― Deepika Padukone

“I feel ups and downs are a part of one’s career, and this totally depends on how you take it. You can either be knocked down by the negative things, or you can take it in a positive way and learn from it.” ― Deepika Padukone

“To me, the mind and body are one.” ― Deepika Padukone

“For me, competition is good; that is what keeps me on my toes and keeps me going.” ― Deepika Padukone

“There is a strong side to me, that is of a homemaker.” ― Deepika Padukone

“My biggest nightmare every day is to go back home alone.” ― Deepika Padukone

Which of these quotes has become your favorite?

Deepika Padukone quotes can be the best way to start your morning to make your day full of motivation and productivity. For more such inspirational quotes, stay tuned with us.

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