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Here’s The 20 Morning ‘Mantra’ to Keep You Aligned & Productive All Day

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‘How you begin your morning sets the mood for the rest of the day.

Having a nice and planned morning routine is rarely talked about.

However, it’s a very important factor not only because it keeps one aligned throughout the day but also has many spiritual benefits.

You can add so many things to your morning routine like yoga, meditation, reading, detoxification, et cetera but one thing that you must add is affirmations.

You need some time in your hands for all the other activities, but for something like affirmations, you need just a few minutes.

Affirmations work like magic. They can make you feel more confident about yourself and have a better focus.

You don’t have to do much about that, rather just say a few sentences wholeheartedly.

Here are some morning affirmations to begin your day with:

Morning Lazziness How to Forgive and Live a Happy Life Again
  • “I feel healthy and strong today.”
  • “I have all I need to make today a great day.”
  • “I have it within me to solve any challenges that occur today.”
  • “I am able to make smart decisions for myself today.”
  • “I am happy and content with my life.”
  • “I am patient and calm and looking forward to today.”
How to Forgive? And Live a Happy Life Again
  • “I am grateful for another day to make a positive contribution.”
  • “I am so grateful to be alive.”
  • “I love myself.”
  • “I’m going to make great progress today.”
  • “I am open to opportunities.”
  • “I love what I do.”
  • “Today and every day I am blessed.”
The Secret to a Happy, Healthy, and Successful Life
  • “I am full of joy.”
  • “I feel at peace.”
  • “I am positive.”
  • “My life is abundant and fulfilling.”
  • “I am committed to my personal growth.”
  • “Every day I am better than before.”
  • “I am capable of overcoming anything.”

Just give this a try, and you will see some spectacular results.

Good luck!!

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