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Your Love Language According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Even though love is universal, we all express it in different ways – in different languages of love. 

You may be surprised to know that there are five languages of love: words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, quality time, and giving gifts. The love language determines how you love, and how you want to be loved.

This article will take a step further, and help you understand yours, according to your zodiac sign.


With the ambitious and bold personality you carry so confidently, it is certain you’ll show your love in the same way. You clearly express your feelings and always speak your mind, and won’t hesitate to speak about the way you feel. You love expressing compliments as much as receiving them, which makes words of affirmation your love language.


Materialistic and luxurious, it’s obvious that giving gifts and acts of service are your main love languages. You like the finer way of living, and if someone shares the same love for it as you, it makes you super compatible with them, and even more so when they go out of their way to help you or give you a thoughtful present.


Because your mind is always filled with so many thoughts and ideas to share, someone who makes you comfortable enough to talk about them as much as your heart’s desire, makes quality time mixed with words of affirmation your love language. With your sharp mind, someone who can engage in conversations that interest you makes you feel heard and appreciated.


With your kind and sensitive nature, you’re known to always provide nurturing acts of service to those whom you love unconditionally. You make people feel less alone by offering your help and company, while also offering them comfort and protection.


Because you’re head-strong towards achieving your goals and accomplishments, cheering you on and encouragement goes a long way. Having motivation through compliments and supportive words make words of affirmation a main love language for you. You also love giving grand gestures and gifts, and getting them in return too, making acts of service and gift giving equally important.


Because you’re practical and responsible in all matters of your day to day, when someone offers help, it makes you feel loved and taken care of, thus making acts of service your main language. You also often offer your help and support, even in emergencies, to those who are important to you, as you value offering your side just as much.


Similar to Taurus, even you enjoy the finer things in life. So if someone remembers your preferences and gives you a gift, thoughtfulness makes you feel appreciated. Being a romantic zodiac, you’re also great at preparing grand gestures and perfectly curated gifts. The token merely needs to show your distinct personality and artistic sense; it doesn’t have to be pricey or opulent.


Being the most intense and intimate of the zodiac signs, physical touch is what makes a Scorpio feel loved as compared to grand gestures or compliments. Whether it is intimacy or just holding hands, it is guaranteed it’s how they like to give and receive love. You love connecting with people and feeling close to the one you love most.


There’s never a dull moment with this sign, so spending them with you is always entertaining. Quality time is important for you since you don’t like staying in one place, and having someone willing to go on adventures with you makes them an ideal companion for you. You also appreciate physical touch as you love exciting and romantic moments in your relationship.


Capricorns are very practical and put a lot of effort into realising their full potential. As you can expect, a Capricorn has other priorities besides finding love or a romantic partner. Capricorns tend to lead with deeds and acts of service rather than words because they are more reserved and silent.


You spend a lot of time contemplating things in your thoughts, and you really want the world to be a better place. When someone compliments you or gives you encouragement while you’re doing your best, it makes you feel safe and appreciated. For an Aquarian, being in love entails creating meaningful relationships and engaging discourse.


Pisces, you appreciate spending quality time with the people you care about. Spending time with the people you love helps you return to reality in a positive way after getting a little lost in your thoughts and daydreams. Pisces dislike being by themselves. Invest yourself in them if you want to win their love.

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