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2022 Wellness Trends To Follow According to Astrology

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In case you haven’t noticed, there is a growing trend for health and wellness. With people becoming more aware (or picky) about whether or not their food is “gluten-free,” it comes as no surprise that this theme is becoming a big mover in our lives. 

But did you know that even astrology has something to say about your health and wellness program? Here are just a few that zodiacs have concocted for you!

Holistic Health for Aries 

People are more conscious now about taking a holistic approach to their health. They want to use food and medicine to boost their immunity, strengthen and nourish their bodies and improve mental health. 

Everybody’s looking into increasing their resilience both for mind and body. These include nutrition-based solutions that can easily be incorporated into their daily lives. 

Practical Health from Home for Capricorn

Healthier Lifestyle

With life’s unpredictability, people wish to be more in charge of their health now, more than ever. There is a great desire to learn what they can do at home. From preparing nutritious meals to deeper self-care, and fitness routines that are both fun and effective. 

Gone are the days when people are so anxious to find out the latest trends on health and wellness. More and more individuals choose practical and realistic ways towards that path which they know are sustainable in the long run. 

Immune-Boosting and Shelf-Stable Foods for Leo

With life’s challenges, manufacturers are emphasizing creating foods and supplements to boost the body’s defense system. 

People are now stocking their shelves and pantries with healthier, shelf-stable foods that are BPA-free and without preservatives. These days, there are lots of wonderful options to choose from. 

Spiritual and Functional Nutrition for Aquarius

Benefits of Meditation & Yoga After Long Screen Hours

People now are more empowered in understanding their physique and how certain foods and their state of mind can affect energy. They know now that each one has his own different physiological and energetic levels. 

Health and wellness were not and never will be one-size-fits-all. Everyone needs to have their own wellness programs to answer their unique needs. Something that they can easily achieve at home.

Maximizing Basic to Hybrid Workouts for Sagittarius

People now enjoy workouts that they can do with minimal to no gear at all. Going back to basics like jogging, swimming, yoga, or Pilates are picking up once again. 

Generally, hybrid workouts are becoming more appealing. The usual strength-training routines are not as alluring because people’s daily routines are a lot more simpler these days. 

On Audio Classes and Shorter Online Screentime for Gemini

Screen fatigue is real. It’s getting more and more difficult to attend online classes that go for hours at a time. Shorter classes are much more ideal to fit into one’s schedule and are more doable for attention spans online. 

Some go for the audio versions of their classes. This is the reason why a lot of wellness brands are switching their content into audio-only alternatives. 

More Affordable Subscriptions for Libra

With new forms of media distribution, monthly subscriptions online have become so much more affordable compared to brick-and-mortar establishments. This means people can have cheaper, easier access to wellness platforms. Members become more committed, which in turn makes their health and fitness goals more achievable!

People now are less obsessed with having the perfect body and are more concerned about living longer, healthier lives. 

A More Holistic Sexual Health Approach for Taurus

5 Reasons to Exercise For Your Mental Health- Increasing Your Sex Drive Is One of Them

Sexual wellness has evolved from being just novelty toys to a more holistic sexual health approach. Manufacturers now give clients tools that give pleasure and value to sex. 

Taurus people are now starting to realize how sexual pleasure and pleasure products are crucial for an individual’s health and wellness.

Exploring Mental Health and Support for Virgo

2020 has been an eye-opener for everyone and has made us realize the sheer importance of mental health. The options now are much more varied compared to in-person appointment therapies that seemed the only viable option up until a few years ago. 

The range of offerings includes scheduled roundtable events and on-demand therapy outlets. People now are given more power to determine what works best for them and is not dictated by the system.  

Openness for Pisces

Everyone is grieving the loss of something or someone from 2020. Some have lost their health, their home, their jobs, their loved ones. This collective pain we have experienced and are still experiencing paved the way for more openness and discussions. 

The more they talk about their experiences, the more compassionate they become towards themselves and others. This eases the pain, and for some, expedites the healing process. 

Healing with Mother Nature for Scorpio

What Happens To Your Body In Nature

Reconnecting with nature is necessary for a wellness renewal. That’s why plenty of people seek reprieve by going outdoors and being one with nature. It has been proven to decrease anxiety and stress levels, boost immune function, improve sleeping patterns and overall happiness. 

Connecting with nature also prompts us to take care of this wonderful treasure. Something that we should improve and nurture as a global community. 

Taking a Closer Look at Self-Care for Cancer

Self Care Life

One cannot reiterate enough the importance of self-care these days, especially for those living in isolation. Some use energy practices such as Reiki and qigong. Being aware of how one’s energy and those surrounding them make a great impact pushes us to create and nurture more positive energy. 

Some use crystal healing, others meditation and breathwork. Whatever works for you and makes you feel good, dive in. 


Health and wellness is an entire league of its own. While you can leverage others’ talents to earn more money, you can’t reduce weight without giving up that slice of pizza and doing more in the gym. This challenge often sets us back. The first thing to do, though, is to acknowledge it. For you to solve a problem, you first need to acknowledge that it actually exists. 

The thing is, healing is a choice- a proactive choice. No matter how much love and support you get from your environment and the people around you, if you do not find it within yourself, the courage, and the desire to heal or change for the better, everything else will be in vain. Choose wisely. 

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