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10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Early Dating

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Don’t wait for Cupid’s arrow to strike you. Step out, take charge, express, and voila you are in a relationship. But make no mistake in early dating for there is no re-take!

It seems like yesterday when one of my friends pushed me to step into early dating. It was all new to me. So, naturally, I was feeling anxious. I had no intention of approaching people just to find Mr. Perfect so that I could be in a relationship. However, what I forgot in order to find the right person I myself should feel fine so that I too could be Ms. Perfect for the other person. But you know how messed up all of it is. 

There is no specific way to approach someone. It’s just the coordination between your eyes and your heart. In the crowd of hundreds, your eyes keep looking for that one person who makes your heart go gaga. The moment your heart approves the person then there is no looking back. Thereafter continues the love saga. Sleepless nights, jolly mood, endless craving for cakes or chocolates, non-fading smile while texting, getting anxious while waiting for replies, and finally telling your best friend about your newly found love. It’s like a fairy tale with the echoes of Robert Burns’ “O my Luve is like a red, red rose”.

But behold, with rose comes thorns too. Early dating brings a wave of rush with a lot of excitement. As soon as you step into the dating world you’ll find yourself on cloud nine. Your new relationship will make you like a butterfly flying in the garden of fragrant flowers.

However, it isn’t so. Being in a relationship is not as rosy as it appears to be. It too comes with a long list of do’s and don’ts of early dating. So, don’t let your heart fool you into daydreaming. Instead, try to balance your relationship and normal life. I know it is challenging. After all, early dating can be quite confusing with no clues and guidance to find the “one” that you are looking for.

Well, if you are a novice stepping into the pool of early dating then this short guide is for you. The guide will help you to strike the balance between your love life and your regular life. So, take note of all the do’s and don’ts of early dating. Let your mind take charge if you wish to have a healthy relationship.

The Do’s of Early Dating 

a. Work is the savior 

A new relationship is like a blooming flower inviting butterflies to taste its nectar. When in a relationship do not stalk your partner on social media platforms. I know the constant urges to get involved in their everyday activities, the willingness to see their face and feel happy, the obsession of keeping an eye on them, etc. You see, a relationship is not about forgetting yourself and getting obsessed with your partner. The more you think about them the more anxious and stressed you’ll feel. So it is important to keep yourself busy.

b. Attract positive vibes

Sometimes, it so happens that despite our busy schedule our mind keeps on creating unnecessary scenarios. The same goes for your partner. So, to divert yourself you may check each other’s social media pages. You see your social media page tells about your personality. It reflects your thoughts about everything. So, try to keep your social media page as positive as you can. Share good memories, positive quotes, and happy things. This will help you both feel positive and secure.

c. Friends are life

A lot of people tend to forget their friends after getting into a relationship. It is natural but not justified. After all, your friends were always with you during thick and thin. So don’t let a new relationship ruin an old one. Make time for your friends at any cost. If you can’t see them every day then that’s fine. But try to see them as often as you can. Fix a day to go out with them and have fun.

d. Boundaries are must

You may have entered into a new relationship but that doesn’t mean you allow your partner to take you for granted. To maintain a successful relationship it is necessary to set boundaries. It is okay to differ in terms of ideas, choices, and decisions. Just because you are at the early stage of dating doesn’t mean you make compromises. So, feel free to express your views and feelings about everything.

e. Make fun memories

You may be at the early stage of dating but there is no charge on making happy memories. Enjoy your present without worrying about the future. Go out on dates, dance together, have wine, and dine.

The Don’ts of Early Dating

f. Lose yourself

Seeing someone is one thing but losing yourself for a short-term infatuation is not good. Try to live your life on your own terms like you used to. You are maybe seeing someone but you are not in a solid relationship. This means nothing is defined at the early stage of dating.

g. Stalking is a big no

You have just entered into a relationship. So give it some time to develop. Don’t stalk your partner’s social media profile just to get more details about his/her life. You’ll get to know him/her in time. 

h. Befriend your partner’s friends

Your partner may introduce you to his/her friends. But this doesn’t give you permission to befriend them. Before you befriend your partner’s friends it is important that you put effort into making your relationship strong. Let them have their friends so that they can enjoy themselves with them. No one likes a partner who invades their space. In one way it is also a breach of privacy.

j. Meet Everyday

You have met the person only a few days ago. So give each other some time to breathe. Don’t meet on an everyday basis for it may suffocate you and your partner. Instead, try to spend some time with yourself.

k. Force the relationship

Just because you found someone doesn’t mean he/she belongs to you. No one belongs to anyone. Don’t try to tag the relationship as “forever”. You still don’t know anything about your newly-found partner. So, instead of seeing it as a “forever” long relationship make sure to know each other.

So, follow the do’s and don’ts of early dating and create a strong bond with your partner. This way you’ll be able to find the right partner.

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