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How To Include Music in a Child’s Everyday Life & Its Importance

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Music has always played an essential role in our development, whether we realize it or not. In fact, music often is a part of our various everyday activities and experiences. It is helpful for parents to encourage a love for music within children and engage them in fun activities involving music somehow.

Though listening to music is one form of incorporating it into your routine, it is a passive activity. Music can and should involve the body in the movement since our body is the first instrument we use from infancy onward. Babies even learn to communicate and develop vocabulary from songs.

Playing musically with your child will not only engage your children to be more interactive and have fun. But it will encourage a love for music and all of the benefits that it provides.

Here are some ways to include music at home for your child and the importance of incorporating it.

Making music at home

Have you ever noticed that sometimes with toddlers, they like to grab some pots and pans in the kitchen and bang away?

Banging household items together to make sounds is an excellent introduction to music and making music. Rhythm and melody go hand in hand, so encouraging this kind of activity will create both movement and teach children how to count, which is an excellent teaching tool that will aid them in math classes later on. 

You can sing with your child, keeping the beat against a table, tapping their foot, or clapping in sync. With very young children, you can teach them how to lightly tap or beat on their tummies, which is a fun and expressive way to use their bodies and learn rhythm simultaneously. If you have a crafty side, you can learn to make some easy homemade musical instruments together. Teaching your child to express themselves without feeling self-conscious is a beautiful gift.

Finding music in everything

One key component to music that you can instill within your child – music is in everything. You can find music in almost any place and use it to your advantage to give your child a reason to get up and move around.

Music provides us with the power to express ourselves and let loose our emotions without being fearful of judgment. The sooner you can give this to your children, the more likely they will be true to themselves and their feelings.

Instilling music in various ways can also help to relax in more tense situations. For instance, if you have to take your child to the doctor, use the time in the waiting room to do some dancing and singing to help keep the atmosphere positive and upbeat.

At home, you can turn on a fun song and allow yourself and your children to let loose with your best dance moves.

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Singing together

From birth, many parents love to use singing as a way to soothe their children to sleep. Perhaps with a lullaby or two. Singing to your children is a wonderful way to encourage them to enjoy music while demonstrating the power that music has to help boost our moods. 

Taking things a step further, you can sing together. Take a joy ride in the car and blast a fun song that you can sing along to on the way to your destination. You can sing songs that have meaning so that it helps your children to understand certain things.

For example, if you have to wait in line somewhere, you can sing about patience to help teach your child how to exercise that quality. You can be more creative and make up your own music and songs while encouraging your children to join in and create their own lyrics as well. 

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Enroll in music lessons

If you have the opportunity to enroll your child in a music class, you can give them a jump start on taking a deeper dive into the world of music and all that it can do for them.

They can learn how to make music with a particular instrument, music history and musicians they admire, how to sing on key, perform without being scared, and multiple other valuable skills. 

Working with an online music lesson teacher at home especially if you are looking for a New York City-based guitar lessons is an excellent option to utilize the expertise of someone to engage your child further musically. You might even look into doing family sessions, where you and your child can both learn together so that you can share and help develop musical skills with each other. 

Attending musical events

If you can, attending musical events is a great way to encourage and develop your child’s musical side. There are various concerts and live-stage shows that you can attend either virtually or possibly in-person, where you can enjoy music, dance, and sing along.  

Finding opportunities to incorporate music early within your child’s life is not as challenging as you might think. Musical benefits can help our children learn academically and emotionally and bring both creativity and confidence into their lives. 

Music holds the power to release endorphins and make us feel good, and benefit our children’s development as they grow. It offers an excellent option for bonding and communication between young children and their parents as well, so the more exposure to music we can give them, the better equipped they will be.

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