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How to Save Money in Your Family: Simple Tips for Any Budget

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Money is water; one day, you have it, another you don’t have anything, or there is enough money in the purse, but it isn’t clear where to put it. To avoid problems with finances in the family, adhere to simple rules.

Extra Income

It’s worth having two or three types of earnings because if you live on one salary, there isn’t enough money for anything.

Prices are rising, so extra income won’t be superfluous. You can turn daily chores into work for money at home – cleaning, dishwashing, and laundry services, cooking, baking cakes, cakes to order, repairing clothes and babysitting services, or just going to get groceries for the elderly.

If you have a computer, you can do freelance work – write articles, keep business pages on social media, create and design websites. You can also do programming, repair computers, and translate texts. If you believe in luck, great Philippine online casino games can also become a source of income.

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If you have a car, it is better to get a job as a courier for the delivery of food or other goods, to do long-distance transport or deliver people around town. In the summertime, there is also a huge range of work, such as serving customers in summer cafes, on amusement rides, weeding fields, whitewashing, or painting. Work for about 8-9 hours, but cash is in your pocket.

You can also create a group in the social networks, where you can collect orders for the purchase of clothing, bedding, household goods in bulk at a price below the store and take for their work up to 10%.

Every Penny Counts

Money likes to count – to see where and what each penny went to start a journal of income and expenses.

Once you or your partner has received a paycheck, distribute it. For convenience, use the envelope method. Each envelope should be signed, for example, “for a mortgage,” “for food,” and put the necessary amount, which will help against unnecessary waste. This idea is relevant when it’s necessary to distribute the budget wisely.

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First, pay the mortgage or rent, pay the loan, and then you can spend money on food and personal needs. Spending money on a new sweater or a trip to a cafe, then the money may not be enough, or even not left after a loud feast, and have to go into debt.

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You can also make a shopping list weekly. In front of the items, write the approximate cost and calculate the total amount. What you get in the end, that’s what you take with you to the supermarket. All receipts are checked and saved, so you will know how much money you will need for the next purchase, and you will be able to save money. In order not to lose control, it is better to connect with a partner who won’t let you relax when you want to buy an extra pair of shoes.

The piggy bank will discipline you to save money, so make a habit of throwing all the change inside after the store and work. By the end of the month, a good sum will come out. Everyone who is saving money, in his mind, calculates how much money is spent every day on cigarettes and beer. So it’s better not to spend it, but to be patient and buy a bedroom set in a year or go on vacation with the whole family.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Spending money right doesn’t mean saving money on everything, but that thought is just a myth. Don’t limit yourself on food, and don’t take bad-quality items either.

Here you need to consider the quality and usefulness of the product. Let’s take the case of buying meat. In supermarkets, it comes with a bone or with veins at a high price. It’s better to buy beef liver or chicken fillet – the price per 1 kg is cheaper than beef loin, there are no bones, and there is something to prepare a hearty roast for the whole family. For lunch at work, take food from home, prepared in advance or fruit and nuts, instead of spending money on a cafe.

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online shopping

You can buy clothes and shoes inexpensively on free ads sites or on social media pages. Today, many people sell clothes because they don’t fit in size or are just lying around. Everyone can find unnecessary things at home and sell them at a low price or in exchange for groceries.

There is no need to go anywhere, just submit an ad and put things in bags, people will take them away from themselves, but there will be an extra penny, and more space in the house will appear. To buy new clothes cheaper for the winter, buy in the summer or fall. Children take clothes and shoes about two sizes larger, and then suddenly the shoes are small, and there is no money to buy them.

When buying diapers, cereal, vegetables, drinks, and underwear, take in large packs because they are always on sale. Turn off the lights on time, save water consumption. Try to do without air conditioning in summer, and use a fan. In winter, it is better to dress warmer and not to turn on the heater; thereby, the light bill will come much less.

Last thoughts!

For your partner’s birthday, don’t spend the money you saved up for a long time on a party in a cafe. It’s better to sit in the circle of loved ones and give the birthday boy a gold piece of jewelry.

When the family has a lot of children, the money for food goes a lot since the growing body needs vitamins. You can indulge children with goodies, but not every day. It’s worth looking for online recipes to cook the same sausages or meatballs rather than take them in the store at three times the price.

Saving money is always necessary, as there is never much money. It’s an important tool, and it, too, must be handled properly.

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