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7 Online Shoe Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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One of the best feelings in the world is when the package you ordered weeks ago finally arrives. However, one of the worst feelings is when you have to send it back because the item isn’t what you expected.

This instance often happens when buying size-specific items online, such as shoes. Whether the fit is off or the quality isn’t what you anticipated, it’s vital to research before spending your money online.

Not sure how to avoid online shoe shopping mistakes? Keep reading for some of the best tips to help you make sure you know exactly what you’ve ordered.

1. Not Taking Measurements

One of the most common mistakes shoppers make when buying from an online shoe store is assuming their size.

While the standard measurements fit most, some brands will deviate from the norm. Different shoe sizes lead to shoes fitting improperly or uncomfortably and can cause injury if the shoe is for athletic use. 

Before purchasing, be sure to look on the website for their size guides and compare them with your own foot measurements. Measuring will ensure you get the correct fit since you can’t try them on to feel it out for yourself.

Taking your measurements will also help you determine if you need a wide or narrow fit. These shoes are created with foot width in mind, as opposed to the traditional length measurement.

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2. Assuming the Color

Once your shoes arrive, you may be displeased to realize that the color is different than what you saw on the website. This inconsistency can impact their wearability, as you may not have matching pieces.

Online shops take photos of their products in specific lighting conditions, meaning they can look completely different online. Also, product photos are edited, meaning the colors can be more saturated than they appear in person.

Before you make your purchase, be sure to read the description, as it may provide a detailed description of the color. Similarly, you can look around for user photos to find a more accurate photograph of the shade.

3. Not Checking Store Policies

Whenever you shop online, it’s crucial to check the store’s shipping and return policies. This step helps you avoid any surprises in terms of your order.

You’ll want to know approximately how long it would take for your shoes to ship, as well as how much shipping costs. If you need new sneakers within weeks, knowing the estimated delivery time can help you decide. 

Similarly, if the shoe arrives damaged or you need to return it for whatever reason, you may be surprised to find that the store doesn’t allow returns. Be sure to research this before placing your order as it could impact your decision.

4. Skipping the Reviews

Online customer reviews are overlooked and undervalued. However, these reviews are beneficial as they provide real-life insight into the quality of the shoes. You can also read about users’ experiences with the company.

Many reviews will review the product and detail any issues they may have had with the company. This can help you steer clear of online scams or unreputable stores.

However, users will also detail positive experiences they’ve had with customer service, which can help put you at ease before ordering. Remember, it’s vital to think critically when reading online reviews!

5. Buying Too Many Shoes

While it may seem like you’ll definitely wear the five pairs of shoes you’ve ordered, in reality, they’ll likely get pushed behind the other shoes you already own.

It can be easy to click “add to cart” without considering how many shoes you already have. Unless you’re a collector, purchasing more shoes than you can wear leads to unworn shoes that sit untouched.

One pair of quality shoes, like Jordan 11 sneakers, is a better investment than multiple pairs of cheap sneakers.

6. Not Considering Practicality

While tall heels may seem fashionable, they may not be as wearable in person as they look online. However, if you’re not actually going to wear the shoes once you get them, this can be a waste of money.

If you need shoes for work, refrain from buying impractical styles like stilettos because you like the look more. You likely won’t wear them, and the shoes will likely end up shoved in the back of your closet.

Also, before buying shoes, try to find outfits you can pair with them. This step helps to ensure you have pieces that you can wear the shoes you plan on ordering.

7. Testing Too Many New Brands

Once you find a brand that works for you, stick with it. Online brands touting their cheap shoes might seem like a great deal, often the quality is subpar due to the extremely low price.

Instead, find reputable brands that you can rely on. Once you become familiar with the fit and quality of specific types of shoes, you can save time while shopping, as you won’t have to measure your size or scour reviews.

Sticking with a few tried and true brands can help you have a cohesive style while also helping you save time.

Online Shoe Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Once your shoes arrive, be sure to try them on immediately. Doing so allows you to see how they fit, decide if they’re comfortable, examine the quality, and send them back immediately if need be.

While online shoe shopping mistakes are common, they are completely avoidable. Being a diligent online shopper can help you save time and money through informed purchases.

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