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How to Save with Online Shopping: From Shoes to Insurance

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Online sellers know that if a consumer wants or needs their product enough, all they need is to give you a slight push to get the purchase.

Digital and online marketers plan to catch your eye and make you feel pressure to buy as soon as possible. With all the tricks being used to get you to spend, it’s only fair that you use a few to save.

Whether you’re looking for a necessity like an online auto insurance quote or a good deal on seasonal fashions, you deserve to get the best deal.

Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online?

Over the past 20-odd years until now, the internet has changed how we do practically everything. Online shopping is convenient and can be a valuable way to get what you need without wasting time and gas going to each store. 

Although convenient to get what you need without leaving your couch, online shopping can trick you into spending more than you need to. Avoid falling into the personalized marketing traps to ensure the best online deals each time you virtually swipe your card. 

How to Be a Secret Online Shopper?

Shopping smart online is all about searching smarter, not harder. The benefit of shopping online is that you can view all the competitors in one place. Use online tools like Google Images to search for the exact product you want. By using images instead of the shopping tab, you’ll see everywhere the product you desire is featured and for how much. 

Since what search results you see are customized, you won’t always see the best deals, so turn on “incognito” mode before continuing your search. You’ll be surprised at what new stores and prices you see being offered when your computer doesn’t know it’s you.

Another way to track the online selling algorithm is to simply leave items in your cart. Reverse the time rush shopping tricks to work in your favor. If you have the time to wait, hold off on completing the purchase and make the retailers sweat.

This method is called abandoning your cart. When you leave an item sitting, it lets the retailers know that you want it but need a sweeter deal. Ignore the retargeting ads that say things like “limited availability” or “sale ending,” and you’ll likely receive a discount code or see a price drop.

Actions to Take While Online Shopping 

To look effortlessly expensive, you have to put in some effort. Not taking precautions will literally cost you when it comes to online deals. 

You might loathe getting bombarded by emails, but you will save money by signing up for rewards programs and other loyalty programs. A great way to use company offers is to sign up before you buy. 

Often when you enter a website, a pop-up appears to give you a deal on what you might purchase. You will receive a coupon for signing up right away, and you can always unsubscribe after you pay.

A great way to not be bothered by offers is to create a shopping email account. Use this email to keep track of rewards, points, and deals so that the junk mail doesn’t get in the way of your everyday needs.

You can also set up Google Alerts to notify you when items you’ve viewed have gone on sale. When saving money while shopping online, it’s also crucial to consider what outside sources help by giving you cash back.

Don’t overlook offers from resources you already have, like your bank accounts or friends and family shopping at similar stores. For referrals and account holders, there are cross-buying perks you could be missing out on.

Use your open resources and double down by finding money-saving apps when you shop with tools such as Ibotta, Groupon, and Ebates (now known as Rakuten). 

To control your spending, set a spending or tab clicking limit when you shop online. This is not only good for developing a spending cap but will also program what you see to be more specific to your needs.

Applying these standards to your online shopping routine will help you find what you want, from clothes to auto insurance, at the best price. The more items and companies you click on, the more ads will be fighting for your attention when you don’t want them to.

How can I make online shopping safer?

Who would’ve guessed that the secret to looking rich is just to spend less? However, monitoring your actions aren’t the only precautions you need to take while online.

Security online is just as important, if not more so, than offline. Just like the over-eager salesperson, you avoid in the mall, stay away from unrealistic online offers.

If a deal seems too good to be true, or if your computer warns you about a website’s lack of security, heed the warning and close that tab. Stick with retailers that you know are credible and have diverse reviews on their sites.

Use Secure Websites When Shopping Online

If you’re shopping at a new online store, simply look to your browser to gauge how secure the page is. Look for “HTTPS:” on the shopping and checkout pages before submitting or saving any personal information. 

You don’t have to become a coding or HTML genius to remember this rule — that “s” stands for secure. Without it, your information is vulnerable. It could be that the owner of the site is a small business and has good products, but without that “s,” you’re better off shopping in person.

Never Pay Upfront

Getting money back from a debit card can be a long and tedious journey because the money has already been withdrawn. To better protect yourself, only pay for online purchases with a credit card or money-exchange apps like Cash App or PayPal. 

These payment avenues help secure your financial information as well as provide additional methods to stop and retrieve funds from fraudulent transactions. Buying online can be risky when it comes to security and quality control. Paying correctly can ensure that you get what you need while protecting your most private information.

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Danielle Beck-Hunter
Danielle Beck-Hunter writes and researches for the auto insurance site. Danielle has five years of online advertising experience. As an online brand ambassador, she uses these tips to carefully select what brands she represents to keep her and her followers safe from online fraud.

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