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8 Ways to Look Effortlessly Expensive All The Time

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Do you ever wonder how certain people have that “je ne sais quoi?” Do they roll out of bed looking like they stepped out of the pages of Vogue, or were they just born rich and glamorous?   

Luckily, for the majority of the population, looking like a million bucks doesn’t require breaking the bank. With the world at our fingertips, we have more options than ever to cultivate an air of sophistication. Looking expensive may seem like a shallow concept to you, but we all know that when we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good, we can achieve great things.  

It has nothing to do with wearing designer labels and everything to do with how you style yourself. Not everyone can pull it off, but if you follow these 8 easy tips, you’re well on your way. So, toss the ill-fitting basement bargain Armani and do yourself and those around you a favor – pull yourself together! 

1. Hair matters

The hairstyle does wonders to your appearance, like an accessory that completes the look. Investing in blow-outs can save you time and money (think about the cost of shampoo, conditioner, a higher-end blow-dryer, and even water).  

Back in my corporate days, I scheduled my blow-out either on the day or the day before an important presentation or meeting. I didn’t have to worry about my hair for another week. With so many types of dry shampoo on the market, taking care of your blow-out is easy. Alternatively, you can learn how to do it yourself by watching YouTube videos. It may take longer than your regular hair care routine and consist of trial and error, but once you get the hang of it, it pays dividends to your appearance. 

2. Monochromatic minimalist 

As the saying goes, less is more. Focus on wearing one neutral color like black, white, or beige, as this elevates your look with less effort. You can also wear different shades of virtually any color, and it wouldn’t look out of place either.  

The added bonus of going monochromatic is that it instantly makes you look taller and leaner without any effort! In other words, forget cutting the carbs and start color coordinating your outfits today! 

3. Structured clothing

Shoulder pads might have been a thing of the past, but a sharp silhouette and a tailored look never go out of style. Accentuate the natural shape of your body by wearing structured clothing such as a sharp-shouldered blazer, tailored jackets, and wide-leg trousers that give a commanding and polished presence.  

Structured clothing draws attention to a defined waist, and whether you’ve got an hourglass figure or not, it doesn’t matter because it will surely give the illusion of one! 

4. Minimalist gold jewelry

Simple gold jewelry never goes out of style. It’s the perfect accessory to spice up any look and instantly make it more luxurious. Try pairing your outfit with small gold hoop earrings or wear a simple gold chain. When it comes down to looking refined with gold jewelry, less is more.   

5. Steam your clothing 

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your clothing if you’re wearing wrinkles that can be seen from outer space! Steaming clothing is not only an effective way to get wrinkles out of most fabrics; it also takes less time and effort than ironing. Additionally, steaming kills odor-causing bacteria and keeps clothing fresh between washes.  

6. Invest in timeless pieces 

Fast fashion is a thing of the past. By investing in timeless staple pieces such as a tan trench coat, white dress shirt, black blazer, the perfect cardigan, and a little black dress, you’ve got yourself a capsule wardrobe that will stand the test of time.  

Not only is higher quality clothing better for the environment, but it’s also better for your wallet when you factor in cost-per-wear. It’s important to support clothing brands with transparent supply chains, pay fair wages, and provide better working conditions.  

Not only will you sleep better at night, but those brands are also more likely to invest in higher quality design and materials. As the saying goes, “how you do anything is how you do everything.”

7. Your nails matter 

Nail health is an overall indicator of your hygiene. It’s a small detail but something everybody notices. Getting my nails done at the salon used to take up two of my most valued commodities: time and money. 

The best part about press-on nails is that it improves your appearance significantly, takes no more than 10 minutes, and is a fraction of what you’d ever spend at a salon to get your nails done.    

The most important factor when applying press-on is the quality of glue you’re using. I highly recommend using nail glue of good quality and purchasing press-on nails according to the look you’re going for. 

8. Wear a hat 

There’s no such thing as having a bad hair day when you’ve got a selection of hats looming in your closet. Hats are an easy way to add some sophistication and an air of mystery to your look.  

Even if you’re a known chatterbox, you can at least look like you’re hiding something by wearing a chic hat. My favorite types of hats to add an element of intrigue: berets, floppy hats, fedoras, and on occasion, a schoolboy hat. 

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