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Infographic: Calming Colors for the Ultimate Zen Home

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When you’ve been spending the majority of your time inside, it’s crucial to create a home environment you love. It’s liberating and comforting to feel surrounded by colors that support your well-being. Do you take advantage of the power of wall color to create a sense of enjoyable calm in various rooms around the house? Ideally, no matter where you are in your home, you should be able to feel rejuvenated— and the psychological effects of color theory can help.

Using calming colors, your walls can help promote a sense of tranquility, joy, and reassurance throughout your whole home. If you’re like most people, you probably underestimate the power of color to revamp a space and create a more peaceful environment. The hues that surround you influence your mood and emotions more than you realize. There are science-backed reasons why some colors are more soothing than others. Once you start paying attention to the magical effect of using color palettes to your advantage, there’s no going back. 

When was the last time you repaint your walls? Are you someone who tends to be indecisive about home improvement projects? Chances are, you’re in desperate need of a refresh, but you’re in luck. You can reinvent your living space with a relatively inexpensive, low-effort interior painting project. If you’re having a hard time deciding what you’d like to change, it’s time to go back to the basics. 

1. Color Theory: A Quick Overview

If you’re unsure about how changing the colors of your walls can affect your mindset, consider the concept of color theory. In a nutshell, color theory is humans’ interpretation of colors and their inherent, subliminal meanings. When you pay attention to the different qualities of various color families, you can tap into the magic of color theory and its influence on the brain.

Utilize your knowledge of color theory and give your home a zen vibe with a full new interior painting job. If you think about it, switching up the colors of your walls from time to time is almost equally as important as keeping any other element of your home design fresh.

  • Blue: Refreshing, soothing, clearing, and fluid.
  • Green: Balancing, uplifting, reassuring, and expansive.
  • Beige/Brown: Welcoming, warm, nurturing, and grounding.
  • Gray: Comforting, relaxing, peaceful, and reliable.
  • Pink: Joyous, bright, elevating, and positive. 
  • Purple: Spiritual, authentic, confident, and regal.
Calming Colors for the Ultimate Zen Home

Certain shades are more soothing than others. Light pinks, blues, greens, and light purples help you feel at ease, while bright reds and yellows do the opposite. You’re likely to gravitate towards red, orange, and yellow when you need an energy boost— not when you want to relax after work. Paint color has the potential to help you make your home into a comforting haven. Just like a clean and organized home helps you feel more at ease, so does the right color palette. 

If you’ve ever noticed yourself attracted to pastels and neutrals when you’re overwhelmed, it’s no coincidence. Color is one of the best natural ways to promote a calmer state of mind. When you’re spending time in a room optimized with the right colors, you may even feel an instant mood boost or a sense of relief. Many living rooms and bedrooms are neutrals because they are nurturing and grounding colors. After all, most colors that create a relaxing home base are less saturated and more neutral. 

2. Reinventing Your Home With Paint Colors

Not only is it simple to repaint your interior walls, but it’s also proven to help you totally reinvent your space. Why not make sure your home is full of stress-relieving colors? When you take into account the effect of colors on your mental state, it’s amazing. Surrounding yourself with calming colors is more magical than you might think. There’s no time like the present to repaint, especially with so much time spent inside.

Now that you know the right colors can be revolutionary in updating your home, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the benefits of creating a supportive, recharging home environment with color. By choosing a calming color palette, you’re not making a huge commitment. Worst case scenario, you end up finding the color repulsive, so you start over and repaint the next day.

You can lower your stress levels and improve your overall sense of wellness with the right colors. If you’re still not fully convinced that changing the colors of your walls could really make a difference in your home, don’t worry. You probably just don’t realize that this color phenomenon has been studied countless times. 

3. Calming Colors To Level Up Your Home

As you can see, making your home into a supportive, sanctuary-like environment can start with the colors you choose. These various shades help promote a sense of calm and happiness throughout the house. Maybe the best part about updating your home by repainting your walls is that it’s an attainable project for anyone. 

No matter your situation, you probably won’t need a professional team’s assistance to paint your walls.

As we’ve mentioned, using a calming color palette to repaint is one of the easiest ways to refresh your space without a major commitment. Worst case scenario, you end up hating the color and repaint the next weekend. 

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