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What is The Secret to the Rich Look

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As you pull out of the Starbucks drive-thru getting your fav drink, you look over, and you see this majestic being who is dressed impeccably. She looks like she must be a socialite. Her hair is perfectly coifed yet not too fussy, and the outfit looks like it came straight out of the latest fashion magazine. Her makeup is tastefully done, looking as though she must have a full beauty crew at her disposal.

Then the light turns green, and you snap back to reality. You look at yourself in ratty sweatpants, an oversized t-shirt you have had since your sorority days, and Ugg’s that should probably be retired. You have the ultimate messy bun that hasn’t been washed in a few days. As you pull up to pick up your Target drive-up order, you think I want to look like I’m rich and classy? But do I need to hire a stylist or burn my wardrobe? As you sip your PSL with extra vanilla, you ponder how I can have that IT factor with minimal effort!

To look rich or classy doesn’t have to cost you’re a million dollars, nor do you need a beauty team at your beck and call. There are some basic principles that you need to know that you can apply right after you read this article. As a beauty blogger/image consultant, I have coached many clients on how to craft a look that is their own but still refined. The rich look is very focused on less is more and having an eye for the finer details. They may wear a simple black dress, but it’s made of high-quality fabrics, it fits the body they have now and is well crafted. Add a few key accessories along with a hairstyle and makeup that brings out your best, and this results in a look that commands the room effortlessly!

Now here are 3 tips that will help you have the look of the rich and classy effortlessly:

1.Ensure your closet only has optimal pieces

If all you have is winning pieces in your arsenal, it will make things easier for you. I tend to help clients ensure all their clothes fit well, are of the best quality they can afford, and items can easily be matched in a variety of ways. When you pull out those ratty leisurewear items and items that you never wear that still have tags on, you will be left with a high-quality closet.

When your closet is at optimal levels, you can easily match items that look effortlessly chic. It will take some time to go through each item and make an objective assessment of them. If an item looks amazing but needs fixing, get it fixed so it can be an active participant. You have to do some self-reflection as to the life you currently live and how much effort you can invest in your style.

The rich/classy look doesn’t require a bunch of items, just items that truly bring out the person’s best qualities and features.

2. Make sure you’re well-groomed

It’s easier to maintain than it is to create, especially if you don’t want to put much effort into it. So, pick hairstyles that are easy to maintain yet planned. Same with nails, skin, and body. A body that is fit or well taken care of always wins out. Looking like you care goes a long way for the rich/classy look. I schedule maintenance appointments once a quarter, such as getting my hair trimmed, getting a facial, and any other services that I need to stay in top shape. When you are well maintained, it makes the classy look easy because you are simply doing the upkeep.

3. Leave the trends alone

The classy/rich look is a refined look, which means going for classic silhouettes, neutral colors, high-quality fabrics. Trends, if not well-executed, look obnoxious and aesthetically assaulting. If you’re not well versed on how to create a look with trendy items, it will scream, I don’t know what I’m doing, which is the opposite of effortlessly classy. However, with your refined closet, you can integrate a pop of the trend without looking lost.

One bonus tip is establishing a signature thing. Like, I was known for rocking a red lip. But this signature could be a certain color, jewelry item, or fragrance that will make you look classier as well. A classic pearl necklace with diamond studs looks refined and rich even if your purse isn’t yet.

You can look rich and classy effortlessly if you take time to prep your closet and you invest in the best ways to make you look stunning.

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