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How to Heal Depression After a Breakup? By Angela Banks

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Depression is a challenging phase to overcome, and some people may require mental health treatment to mend the scars that have penetrated deeper into their souls.

Depression has often made many risk their own lives; some have ended up in critical health conditions as well.

Depression and anxiety in adolescents are a growing concern for mothers around the world.

Therefore it is of utmost salient to acknowledge this matter with great heed for the better.

In the recent conversation with Angela, Morning Lazziness has arrived with all of the answers related to depression & heartbreak.

Angela Banks is a prominent mental health therapist, corporate consultant, and founder of The Clarity Couch.

Through this established platform, she provides a space to work towards emotional wellbeing, setting relationship goals, and learning to withstand symptoms of anxiety. She is also a family person who considers it as her backbone and strength to succeed in life.

As the saying goes, ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman; behind every successful woman, there is an understanding man.’ She finds time to balance her challenging career with family and spends valuable moments with them.

Phases of healing

Breakup after a long-term relationship takes a lot of time to heal; indulging in practices that offer them pleasure and satisfaction like their favorite commitments can help in the healing process.

People may become more stoic in character and feel embarrassed to reveal their loss; others may overshare their feelings with a close friend.

“When you’re going through a breakup, you have a lot of expectations, so it’s crucial to give yourself some time to mourn and be gentle with yourself,” Angela says.


Relationships may not sustain forever, but it is necessary to move on in life after a breakup. Whining over the past will not bring any difference, but overcoming that traumatic stage of grief can help you move on in life.

When life gives you opportunities to empower, hold on to them tight and don’t give up. A breakup is not the end of the world, but hope for the better; as the saying goes, ‘The darkest hour is just before the dawn.’

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