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A Candid Conversation with Allison Walsh- Former Miss Florida

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“A Hi-5 everyday is a sign of validation and confirmation that you are headed in the right direction. I actually loved Mel Robbins’ book ‘The High-5 Habit’ and how it can really shape your life, mood and your spirit, it allows you to celebrate and appreciate your progress. It’s really important to me to take a pause and give us credit for everything we work hard on that matters to us.” – Allison

Morning Lazziness is proudly bringing you an interview session with Ms. Allison Walsh, former Miss Florida, founder of Allison Walsh Consultancy, host of her own two podcasts, and writer for Forbes and Entrepreneur.

During the conversation, Allison shares about ‘The She Believed She Could Community,’ internal wellness, new programs of her consultancy platform, and many more.

The She Believed She Could Community

“I was actually searching for an opportunity to bring women together in a community that would give them tools, resources, motivation and things that I was searching for and found in different places but I wanted to have them in one community. As a part of work, I was asked to deliver guest workshops, one-to-one sessions and I thought to bring them all under one umbrella and put in a podcast so people can take what they need knowing that it’s always done with the intention to help women, elevate their brands, business and most importantly their mindset so that they can accomplish anything that they set their minds to.” – Allison.

Internal wellness

“If you don’t make time for your internal wellness, you are going to find time for illness. You have to do the things for yourself that you need to so as to preserve yourself. I am one who faced burnouts during the course of my years and it was because I wasn’t taking the time to take care of myself and I was saying ‘yes’ to everything instead of putting some boundaries that allowed me to prioritize. I think especially women, find it hard to raise their hand and say no. It is key to have a wellness routine and have time for ourselves, our body, making productive habits a part of your lifestyle.” – Allison.

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